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    1. This is a mixture of questions that you would face taking the CSCS Test, something for everyone to get a feel for the type of questions.

  1. My score sucked big time when I took this test earlier. Not a very good sign for taking on the actual exam. At least now, I have something to practice on during my break periods. These questions really showed me that I need to put more effort in order for me to get a satisfactory score. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Got 42/50. Not happy about it. The questions don’t switch places when I refresh the page, right? It would be very helpful if it did…

  3. This is super handy! After taking the mock exam, I knew which topics I still have to work on. I didn’t get a good mark on my first run, but I’ll do better next time.

  4. Great construction skills test. This is a must for people trying to enter the construction industry. Will share this with my brother because that’s what he’s trying to do.

  5. This is great information. I was just wondering, if for some reason I don’t pass the first time of the actual exam, will I be able to retake it immediately?

  6. Although my result wasn’t that promising, i have to admit that this is such a good mock test

  7. This is great information. I have a few buddies I will share this with who are trying to get into the construction industry.

  8. This is just what i need to brush up on my fire extinguisher knowledge. I sure hope this will help me pass.

  9. Those mock test questions are more difficult than I expected them to be. I guess I have to put more effort into my review for the real thing. Thank you for sharing this!

  10. Hey my score isn’t that great. Are you coming up with another set? Is this like similar to the questions on the actual exam?

  11. I’ve sadly discovered that I was wrong in more than 50% in this test. This is really disencouraging, but good job on the test questions. Mocked for real

  12. I copied the questions on the piece of paper as a reference for future review. I did not expect that the questions will be like these. It is very helpful, Thank you!

  13. I would just like to thank you for this questions. They’re really a big help in preparing for the exams. My score isn’t that good, so I have to go over my notes again!

  14. All the questions are very important. I hope you guys will keep providing more as i am already done with them. Thanks.

  15. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a while. I will definitely share this mock test to my colleagues. Thanks a lot!

  16. Which extinguisher of the following is best used for an electrical fire?
    a. Wet Chemica
    b. Foam
    c. CO2
    d. Water

    Now this got me confused.. I saw it somewhere else that Foam is the right answer to this question and Its CO2 on yours.

    1. Foam is mainly used for Class A: SOLIDS such as paper, wood, plastic etc and Class B: FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS such as paraffin, petrol, oil etc

      You really do not want to put anything liquid on electrics!

      1. Foam is mainly for Fuel powered fire, which is class B.

        Foam can be used for class A (which is wood, paper, textile, plastic, …) too though


  18. he questions seems pretty impressive, thanks admin for your effort on this. I hope these are the similar questions to the one we’re going to answer as i have mine later in the day.

  19. Excellent interactive mock tests, and an excellent revision aid, they will have been invaluable when I sit my HSE TEST to renew my cpcs card. Thanks.

  20. I cant get the answers to show up. Some of the questions were worded pretty poorly too:

    29.A sign that shows a fire and finger pressing a button in red and white means?

    A. The area is a fire assembly point
    B. The area has a fire extinguisher
    C. There is a fire alarm happening
    D. B and C

    Im guessing its C because its the only thing to do with a fire alarm, but it doesnt mean an alarm is happening?

  21. What a waste of time i can’t get the answer even though i shared it on every platform. thank for the help construction skill test?

    1. Thank your for pointing this issue out, we have now resolved it and you should be able to get your answers.

  22. According your test’s question 1, the site that has got Prohibition Notice does not need to undergo review (as you marked the answer D – all personnell need to cease the site/work – that I am not denying that is wrong), which could be quite misleading or not very clear answer/solution in this case in my eyes. You can find A as the correct answers to this question in other cscs tests. Are you sure with your choise D as the only correct answer here?

    1. In a way both answers are correct, but the question only needs one answer. So you have to think which would be the answer they are looking for when they ask this question.
      After a Prohibition notice is given the first thing that needs to happen is everyone will need to stop work. After that then yes they would need to have a review but that cannot happen first.

      Hope this helps. All questions have come from real CSCS exams.

    2. Agreed Some of the “answers” are in fact incorrect-trust me-I am a fully qualified H and S Auditor with NEBOSH Dip.

      1. As stated before these questions and answers have come from REAL CSCS Exams. To save on anymore arguments about this we have edited the question to select two answers.

  23. question 39. lifting a load, it is impossible to lift a load with a straight back if the load is on the floor. The question does not indicate where the load is situated so the answer could be B it would have to be at the waist to shoulder height to lift with a straight back as in a bear hug type of lift.

    1. This is the way some CSCS questions are, these are the questions you will get in the real exam so you will have to pick which you think is best.
      As it is best to avoid picking up loads from the floor you should think about it from that viewpoint.