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Without passing the CSCS exam and obtaining the relevant CSCS card, you are likely not going to be able to find employment within United Kingdom’s construction industry. This Safety test is designed to ensure that workers on a construction site have the necessary skills and information needed in order to safely perform work and carry out their duties in a way that minimizes the occurrence of accidents on site. The best way to study for the test and to prepare yourself is to review the material and partake in mock exams in order to familiarize yourself and test your knowledge of the material. The following mock exam provides questions on the general information and knowledge needed in order to pass the CSCS exam.

Safety Mock Exam Start

  1. When a work site is given a prohibition notice; what does this mean?
    1. All workers are required to immediately stop working
    2. The supervisor was fined for not following proper safety protocol
    3. The work site must be reviewed
    4. Only skilled crew members may continue completing work


  1. If a load weighs too much and you cannot break it into smaller pieces, what do you do?
    1. Quickly carry the load so you do not drop
    2. Remain patient and wait for help to arrive
    3. Drag the load without help
    4. Ignore your training and use the fork lift


  1. If you do not obtain the proper protective equipment and a coworker on the site is utilising equipment that is too loud; what do you do?
    1. Leave your current area and obtain the proper PPE to protect your ears
    2. Tell the other person to leave the site and cease working
    3. Continue working; everything is fine
    4. Find your supervisor and complain


  1. Paint lead contains solvents that can cause what type of health issues?
    1. Headaches & Dizziness
    2. Lung Problems
    3. Other issues
    4. All of the above


  1. What are the minimum requirements for operating power tools?
    1. Must be 18 years’ old
    2. Must be 21 years’ old
    3. Must be 16 years’ old
    4. Must have required training and knowledge surrounding the use of power tools


  1. Risk assessments are important for the workplace because….?
    1. They tell you who the supervisors on the job are
    2. They tell you what the accident statistics surrounding the site are
    3. They find potential hazards and provide essential safety precautions for the worksite
    4. They tell you where you can find equipment


  1. How is a hazardous substance best identified?
    1. The colour of the container
    2. The blue label on the container
    3. The label has a specific symbol
    4. The colour of the substance itself


  1. What should you do if you see a ladder that is damaged?
    1. Pick up the ladder and move it to the side before continuing to work
    2. Go ahead and use the ladder, just be careful to avoid the damaged area
    3. Repair the ladder before you continue working
    4. Immediately stop using the ladder and inform coworkers that the ladder is broken


  1. Why is it important to keep the work place clean?
    1. A clean workplace prevents accidents
    2. If the area is clean, animals stay away
    3. A clean work area lessons environmental impact of the worksite
    4. All of the above


  1. How to do your best checking and see if a load is too heavy for lifting?
    1. Slightly lift it and immediately drop it
    2. Check the description that was provided with the load
    3. Calculate length and height of the load
    4. Check the height of the load and make a decision


  1. A class A fire can be caused by _____.
    1. Kerosene or gas
    2. Any solid material, such as plastic, paper, and wood
    3. Live electricity
    4. Oils used for cooking


  1. A first aider has the ability to do all but what of the following during an accident?
    1. Bandage a cut
    2. Move a victim that is unconscious
    3. Perform CPR
    4. Prescribe medications to treat symptoms


  1. A blue fire extinguisher contains what substance?
    1. Water
    2. Foam
    3. Dry Powder
    4. CO2


  1. How can you determine that a substance is an asbestos substance?
    1. Get it tested in the lab
    2. Sniff it
    3. Ask someone that works with you
    4. Find the supervisor and ask them


  1. A health and safety sign that is blue indicates which of the following?
    1. Mandatory
    2. Prohibition
    3. Stop
    4. Hazard


  1. What are prohibition notices given to equipment?
    1. Only skilled workers can use it
    2. Only supervisors can use the equipment
    3. Only managers can use the equipment
    4. The equipment should be used until it is safe


  1. You can use a disposable mask for how many days?
    1. Six
    2. Seven
    3. One
    4. Ten


  1. When you lift a load from the ground, what is the form you should use?
    1. Lift with your knees straight and your back bent
    2. Spread your feet as wide as you can before lifting
    3. Lift with your feet slightly apart and your knees bent
    4. Lift with your knees straight and your feet together


  1. Most accidents on construction work sites are caused by what?
    1. Poison
    2. Electricity
    3. Suffocation
    4. Slips and Falls


  1. A fire extinguisher that is black and cream contains what substance?
    1. H2O and CO2
    2. CO2 and Dry Powder
    3. CO2 and Foam
    4. H2O and Foam
  1. The fire alarm can be activated by which of the following person(s)
    1. The supervisor
    2. Any health and safety representative on site
    3. The manager
    4. Anyone who sees fire


  1. In order to ensure safety; what precautions should be taken?
    1. Work as quickly as possible to get the job done
    2. Instructions and assessments should be read and fully understood
    3. All safety posters must be read
    4. You should talk with other workers on the site about safety


  1. The fire triangle excludes which of the following?
    1. Fuel
    2. Ignition Sources
    3. CO2
    4. Oxygen


  1. COSHH and which of the following are associated?
    1. Use safety when you use a ladder
    2. Use safety anytime you are lifting
    3. Use safety when you handle materials that are hazardous
    4. Use safety when operating electrical equipment


  1. When a worker is lifting a load, the employer is responsible for which of the following?
    1. The employer is responsible for providing a risk assessment
    2. The employer is responsible for watching the worker lift the load
    3. The worker is fully responsible themselves
    4. The employer is responsible for lifting the load themselves


  1. If an electrical wire falls into water, what do you do?
    1. Leave the area as quickly as you can
    2. Attempt to remove the wire
    3. Ignore it, continue working, and report it when you get off
    4. Immediately notify your co-workers of the situation


  1. Which of the following best defines the concept of hazard?
    1. A potentially harmful substance of action
    2. Cables on the floor
    3. Tools on the floor
    4. Unlabeled chemicals


  1. Who is responsible for reporting unsafe work practices?
    1. Only the supervisor
    2. A co-worker
    3. Only the employer
    4. Anyone that notices an unsafe work practice taking place


  1. After you have worked on a construction site containing an excessive amount of noise, can hearing loss be reversed?
    1. Yes, just give it a day or two and return
    2. Yes, your hearing will return if you wait and change jobs
    3. It is unlikely
    4. Yes, hearing always repairs itself


  1. If you come across an unlabeled bottle of chemicals, what should you do?
    1. Ignore it and continue working
    2. Dispose of it alone
    3. Find a supervisor and immediately report it
    4. Sniff it in order to tell whether or not it is harmful


  1. If you are uncomfortable with climbing the height of the ladder, what do you do?
    1. Find a co-worker and ask them to do the job for you
    2. Only climb as high as you are comfortable with
    3. Find a shorter ladder
    4. Find your supervisor and discuss it with them


  1. To whom should you report a serious accident?
    1. Call and report it to your local police
    2. Find worksite security
    3. Find your employer
    4. Find the HSE inspectors


  1. Who can use a class 3 ladder while working on a building site?
    1. Only a well-trained worker
    2. Anyone who needs
    3. Only the supervisor
    4. Class 3 ladders should never be used by anyone


  1. When the fire alarms are site off, what do you do?
    1. Pack up and go to the fire assembly point
    2. Find the fire and attempt to extinguish it
    3. Hide from the fire
    4. Immediately go to the assembly point, making no stops on the way
  2. If a CO2 extinguisher is unavailable when you are trying to extinguish an electrical fire, what type of extinguisher do you use?
    1. Water
    2. Wet chemical
    3. Find a CO2
    4. Dry Powder


  1. What is the importance of collecting dust when using power tools?
    1. It can save valuable time
    2. It can help avoid making a huge mess
    3. Because the substance can be harmful if you inhale it
    4. Because it enhances the performance of the tools


  1. If you see a red and white sign featuring a fire and finger pressing a button, what does it mean?
    1. Assembly point in the area
    2. Fire extinguisher in the area
    3. Fire alarm is happening
    4. Both B and C


  1. If you discover a crack in your safety helmet, what precaution should you take?
    1. Replace your helmet at the next break
    2. Glue it back together and resume working
    3. Ignore it and continue working
    4. Replace the helmet as soon as possible


  1. Disposable ear plugs can be used how many times?
    1. Twice
    2. Once
    3. Four times
    4. As many times as you want to use them, just clean them in-between usage


  1. If you find a child on the job site, what do you do?
    1. Ignore the child and continue working
    2. Find your employer and report it
    3. Find the supervisor and report it
    4. Immediately remove the child from the site


  1. While working, when is it important to wear eye protection?
    1. Any time you use power tools
    2. When you are working in direct sunlight
    3. Any time the site demands it
    4. Any time you are handling hazardous chemicals


  1. A triangle is a shape of which type of health and safety sign?
    1. Mandatory
    2. Smoking
    3. Prohibition
    4. Hazard


  1. A wet chemical fire extinguisher is what colour?
    1. White
    2. Blue
    3. Orange
    4. Yellow


  1. When using a fire extinguisher, PASS stands for which of the following?
    1. Point, aim, squeeze, sweep
    2. Point, aim, sweep squeeze
    3. Point, aim, squeeze, sling
    4. None of the above


  1. What should you do if you are unsure about a topic pertaining to the site induction?
    1. Ask a co-worker to explain the next day
    2. Ask a supervisor before going home
    3. Figure it out yourself
    4. Ask the presenter to elaborate


  1. When lifting a load, which method is safest to use?
    1. Keep your feet close together
    2. Keep your feet slightly apart
    3. Keep your back straight
    4. Keep your back rounded


  1. Which are not part of the responsibility of a worker?
    1. Provide a PPE
    2. Record Risk assessments
    3. Both A& B
    4. None of the Above



  1. A risk assessment needs to be recorded once the company has employed how many workers?
    1. 5 or more
    2. Four or more
    3. Two or more
    4. Three or more


  1. The Health and Safety at Work Act was passed in?
    1. 1975
    2. 1974
    3. 1972
    4. 1977


  1. During an electrical fire, you should use
    1. A CO2 extinguisher
    2. A wet chemical extinguisher
    3. A water extinguisher
    4. A foam extinguisher


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 1
  4. 4
  5. 4
  6. 3
  7. 3
  8. 4
  9. 4
  10. 2
  11. 2
  12. 4
  13. 3
  14. 1
  15. 1
  16. 4
  17. 3
  18. 3
  19. 4
  20. 3
  21. 4
  22. 2
  23. 3
  24. 3
  25. 4
  26. 4
  27. 1
  28. 4
  29. 3
  30. 3
  31. 4
  32. 3
  33. 4
  34. 4
  35. 4
  36. 3
  37. 3
  38. 4
  39. 2
  40. 4
  41. 3
  42. 4
  43. 4
  44. 1
  45. 4
  46. 3
  47. 3
  48. 1
  49. 2
  50. 1

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