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      1. Not true, as there are 3 case studies in the exam and each case study has 4 questions. Therefore there are 12 questions in the exam

        1. You will get 12 questions the the CSCS test but, you will need to score a min of 47 correct out of the 50 questions

      1. I took the test prior to the full day course. Under the kosh somewhat to start on site with a family friend due to me being made redundant. That aside, I didn’t pass but I’ve spent days revising. I was oblivious to the case studies and on my really looked at mock tests/ scoring 48+ everytime so I presume I failed on the case studies. I’ve scored 12/12 today but I just want some advice. Will the full day Health and Safety course help? I have that tomorrow and me retake on Friday. I really need to pass! Appreciate any comments!

        1. Hi JT

          Sorry for missing your message the other day, we wish you the best of luck on your exam today! Please come back and let us know how you got on!

  1. Hi! Is the answer (the first question) Wait at the site entrance until he can attract someone’s Attention correct? In other tests it was wait in his wav and try again later.
    I’m a bit confused now.

    1. Question 9.a lot of people go to work using public 2nd answer is wrong because it doesn’t state that the bloke arrived by van or other private vehicle.

  2. I believe that no one is perfect in the world but I done it I got 12 out of is not possible to get 47 out of 50 at least every one make a mistake I think it is ok to get 45 out of 50

    1. I agree but unfortunately the CITB dont. Where else in study or professional life are you expected to score 94% to pass?

  3. Congratulations – you have completed the CITB Practice Behavioural Case Study Test
    You scored 12 Answers correct and got 0 Answers Wrong.

  4. 11/12 Why is Q1 answer – wait at site entrance correct yet the same answer incorrect for Q9 – wait in van; what if I dont have a van? and why is waiting at the entrance to attract attention incorrect? Seems illogical.

  5. behavioural case study needs to be perfect all given questions? I’m confuse about the result of my exam,the result is fail, I thought I pass the exam big expection really.

  6. I scored 9 out of ten and found it very useful. I am presently doing a course in occupational health and safety.

  7. I have just completed a four week cscs course due to book my exam at leicester I need to study case senareos which last time 12 question s are based on them but learn direct and leicester college are unaware of this should you know what specific site deals with this I’d be really grateful if anyone has an idea of what I should be looking at please send details to [email protected] I got 11 out of 12 really enjoyed this test very practical as these situation do arise kind regards Paul Rose

  8. i thought the test its self was very good and made me use my knowledge, but the only thing i found wrong was the fact that once i had finished the test, it wouldnt allow me to look at my resuslt so i dont know what ones i got correct and what ones i got wrong. just thought i would put this message out there just incase any one else was having the same problem then they will be able to see my message and not have to worry about typing any thing. apart from that tho it was a very good test well done.

    1. Seems like there was an issue with the answers for the tests not showing up after clicking the submit button. This should now be resolved on all of the CSCS exams on the site now.