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Get ready to take your CITB SSSTS course assessment by preparing for it with a complete SSSTS mock test. Please be aware that none the questions below will appear on the real assessment but this is purely to give an example of the types of question you will encounter.

This practice test is similar to the actual exam, this will help you with your Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) training course. You should know how to answer questions based on the information given.

CITB SSSTS Assessment format

  • This is an online mock test. You have 30 minutes to complete this test
  • There are 25 questions altogether, please answer all of them
  • You must answer all four safety critical questions correctly to pass the exam. These are the first 4 in this test
  • You need to get at least 80% to pass the full test.
  • The SSSTS refresher is the same as the actual exam. You need to know how to take the mock test. You can check out CITB’s news page if there are any updates.
  • You can check out CITB’s news page if there are any updates. visit here and read their news section.

CITB SSSTS Mock Assessment

Answer all of the questions below in this training test and see your score at the end by clicking view results for the CITB SSSTS mock test.

1. Who should carry out pre-use checks on plant and equipment?
2. Where should you store compressed gas?
3. When working with underground services you should assume that all cables are what?
4. What does SWL stand for on lifting equipment or accessories?
5. What effect can drugs and alcohol have on you?
6. Identify the COSHH Symbol from the list below.hazardous to the envirnment
7. Who should you ask what the safe working distance from overhead services are?
8. Why is it important to recognise a fragile roof?
9. What equipment has PASMA training been designed for?
10. What are the first two steps of the hierarchy of controls?
11. What type of accident goes in the accident book?
12. When an excavation has been dug, what should be the first consideration?
13. Which statement is true regarding accident investigation?
14. What notices can the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issue?
15. All work activities require what document as stipulated by The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999?
16. What are the benefits of worker engagement?
17. What interval must a competent trained person inspect and sign off scaffolding as fit for use?
18. Which regulation governs the way construction projects of all sizes and types are planned in the UK?
19. Identify the COSHH Symbol from the list below.irritant
20. What must be the employer’s first action regarding working at height?
21. What must be checked for prior to excavation work taking place?
22. What must you check before entering a confined space?
23. Identify the COSHH Symbol from the list below.explosive
24. What happens when you carry out a risk assessment?
25. What disease could you get from a needlestick injury?
26. What should happen to personal fall protection equipment after use?
27. What are the principles of an effective health and safety management system


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