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CSCS Mock Test Full 50 Questions 2020

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Welcome to the first of our Free Full-length interactive CSCS Mock Tests, here you will be able to select the answer using your computer mouse or if you have a touch screen just select the right answer with your finger. At the end of the exam, you will be presented with your score and be told whether you have passed or failed with the minimum score.

On this Free CSCS Mock test, we have given you the full 50 multiple choice questions, this will give you the feel for sitting your real exam when trying to gain your CSCS Card, you will need to get at least 45 correct answers to pass this CSCS Practice test. Read more about the CSCS Test Cost.

If you are planning on taking your CSCS test soon, then you will need to get in as much practice as possible.  As with the real test, you will come across some questions that will need single answers but also questions that will require you to select more than one answer.

This full 50 questions multiple choice CSCS mock test covers a wide range of topics from working at heights to health and safety, this is a good way to base your knowledge on the core CSCS topic if you are after your labourer or operatives card.

These 50 questions will be completely different from our first full CSCS practice test, so if you’ve already completed that test, you won’t have to answer the same questions again. Why not check out some of our other CSCS card practice questions such as our test for CSCS Test for operatives and specialists. You must answer all CSCS questions before you can get your final results on this CSCS Mock Test. Good luck!

CSCS Practice Test Questions

You have 45 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice CSCS practice Mock Test questions for Operatives and Specialists. You need to answer at least 45 out of 50 questions correctly to pass.

1. The health and safety term RIDDOR is related to:


2. Which of the following statements about ladder use is true?


3. If a carbon dioxide extinguisher is not available, what type of fire extinguisher should be used for putting out an electrical fire?


4. What should you do if a coworker is complaining that they are dizzy and feeling faint?


5. What is the most suitable angle for a ladder to be placed against a wall?


6. If the fire alarm is raised, what should you do?


7. A Permit to work allows?


8. You need to move a load that is heavier on one side than the other, how should you pick this up?


9. Tools and materials can easily fall from a scaffold platform. What is the best way to protect the people below?


10. If your work site is given a prohibition notice, what does it mean?


11. When should you use eye protection onsite?


12. What does a blue health and safety sign indicate?


13. You have been given disposable ear plugs to use, but they keep falling out. What should you do?


14. When you climb a ladder, you must?


15. What are Class A fires fuelled by?


16. You find pigeon droppings and a nest in the area where you are about to start work, what should you do?


17. What voltage is considered safe for using electrical equipment on a construction site?


18. Which of these could be confused with the early signs of Weil’s disease?


19. Why is a risk assessment important?


20. What is a PAT?


21. Which type of health and safety signs have a triangular shape?


22. Why is keeping a clean work environment important?


23. Who should you report serious accidents to?


24. If your body comes into contact with wet cement, it is most likely that you will experience:


25. If the onsite toilet does not work and is always left a mess, what should you do?


26. You are about to start a job. How will you know if it needs a Permit to work?


27. What does it mean when a piece of equipment is given a prohibition notice?


28. What should you do if you witness an accident on the construction site?


29. Which type of accident kills most construction workers?


30. Information about chemicals commonly found on a job site can be found?


31. How do you determine if a load is too heavy to lift?


32. If someone falls and is knock unconscious, what should you do?


33. If you see a child wandering around your construction site, what should you do?


34. If you are extinguishing a fire in a confined space, you should avoid using the following types of fire extinguishers:


35. A good rule of thumb is that noise levels in an area may be excessive if you must shout to speak to a person that is __ metres away.


36. You have been shown how you should be lifting a heavy load, after some thought you think you have a better way. How should you proceed?


37. Excess noise, such as that experienced on a construction site, has the potential to damage your hearing over time. What is an early sign of hearing loss?


38. Who is permitted to activate a fire alarm?


39. If there is a cut in the outer cover of an extension wire you need to use, what should be your next step?


40. A sign that is red and white in colour displaying a fire and a finger pressing a button means what?


41. What should you do if you see a live electrical wire fall into a water puddle?


42. What should you do if climbing to a certain height on a ladder makes you uncomfortable?


43. If you want to be a first aider, you should?


44. You need to wear a full body harness, you have never used one before, What should you do?


45. If you need to use a power tool and find that the guard is missing, what should you do?


46. One hazard of working on a construction site is excessive noise, which has the potential to cause hearing damage. Can hearing loss be reversed?


47. Construction workers who are killed at work are most likely to die from?


48. What is found inside fire extinguishers that are black in colour?


49. Tasks such as cutting, sanding, drilling, and grinding may produce high levels of dust, which may be inhaled. When are these levels most dangerous?


50. What should be done if you find a crack in your safety helmet?


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Additional CSCS Mock Test Questions

Emergency CSCS Mock Test Start

We decided to add some more CSCS Mock Test questions for you to try as a bonus. For this ones you will need to make a note of your answers and, you will be able to see all correct answers after the test.


  1. Fires that are fueled by ________ are the only type in which you should use a water fire extinguisher on.
      1. Electricity
      2. Wood, textiles, solid materials, and paper
      3. Liquids that are flammable
      4. Gases that are flammable


  1. What types of materials fuel a class A fire?
    1. Class F Fires
    2. Class D Fires
    3. Electrical Fires
    4. Class B Fires


  1. A band of what color is displayed by fire extinguishers containing foam?
    1. Black
    2. Red
    3. Blue
    4. Cream


  1. A fire alarm can be activated by who while on the worksite?
    1. The manager is the only one who can activate the fire alarm
    2. The health and safety rep is the only one who can activate the fire alarm
    3. The supervisor is the only on that can activate a fire alarm
    4. Anyone on the worksite who discovers the occurrence of a fire can activate the fire alarm


  1. A band of what color can be found on fire extinguishers containing Carbon Dioxide?
    1. Red
    2. Cream
    3. Black
    4. Blue


  1. A band of what color can be found on fire extinguishers containing water?
    1. Black
    2. Red
    3. Yellow
    4. Blue


  1. If you discover a fire on the worksite and are not trained on how to properly use a fire extinguisher; what do you do?
    1. Raise the alarm and then try to extinguish the fire
    2. Try to extinguish the fire before sounding the alarm
    3. Try to put out the fire, and if you fail, go grab your things and go home until further notice.
    4. Sound the fire alarm and make your way to the fire assembly point.


  1. The nozzle of a Carbon Dioxide tends to become _______ after it is used.
    1. Very cold
    2. Slightly warm
    3. Warm
    4. Extremely hot


  1. You are responsible for reporting any working conditions on the worksite that are unsafe in nature?
    1. Only the health and safety inspector
    2. Only the onsite supervisor
    3. Only the onsite Manager
    4. Everyone that is on the worksite


  1. Site inductions are important for who?
    1. The supervisors only
    2. The managers only
    3. Everyone that will work onsite
    4. The cleaners only


  1. What is the main reason that an accident investigation takes place?
    1. In order to find who is directly responsible for the accident
    2. For any accident that was narrowly avoided
    3. If an accident leads to someone’s death
    4. If an accident leads to an employee having to take time off work


  1. If something discussed during the initial site induction confuses you; how do you address the situation?
    1. Ask the presenter to explain further
    2. Wait until your shift ends and ask a coworker
    3. Go home and research the topic in order to find your own answers
    4. Ask the health and safety rep when your shift ends


  1. A near miss can be best described in what ways?
    1. An unreported accident
    2. An accident leading to time away from work
    3. An accident that lead to death
    4. An accident that was narrowly avoided


  1. If you witness an accident take place on the work site, what do you do?
    1. The person involved in the accident is responsible for reporting it, you should continue working and do nothing
    2. You should immediately find your supervisor and report it
    3. You should not report it in order to protect your coworker from disciplinary action
    4. Only management handles health and safety concerns on the work site, you should continue working as normal.


  1. A risk assessment provides information about what?
    1. How you correctly go about reporting accidents on the work site
    2. How many employees are currently working on the work site
    3. The potential hazards relating to particular jobs and how you can safely carry out the job
    4. How many hours you work each week to see if you are at risk for going over your hours.


  1. What do you do if your friend was involved in a near miss?
    1. Tell him that he should really be more careful next time
    2. No harm no foul, keep working
    3. Immediately report it to your supervisor
    4. Tell him he needs to report it and then leave it alone


  1. To whom do you go to in order to report a serious accident?
    1. You should report a serious accident to the security guard onsite
    2. You should report a serious accident to an HSE inspector
    3. You should report a serious accident to your employer
    4. You should report a serious accident to the police


  1. At what point are you responsible for reporting a health and safety concern to your supervisor?
    1. Anytime that there is a threat to your personal safety
    2. Anytime that there is a threat to the safety of a coworker
    3. Anytime there is a threat to the safety of a third party
    4. All of these


  1. How many points of contact should there be when using a ladder?
    1. You should always have at least one point of contact
    2. You should always have at least three points of contact
    3. You should always have at least two points of contact
    4. You should always have at least four points of contact


  1. A health safety sign that means an action is mandatory is what color?
    1. Blue and White
    2. White and Red
    3. Yellow
    4. White and Black


  1. In order to thrive; how many basic elements does a fire need?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4


  1. Cream fire extinguishers contain which of the following materials?
    1. Water
    2. Carbon Dioxide
    3. Dry Powder
    4. Foam


  1. Which of the following statements is untrue about manual handling?
    1. Back braces are not made to increase the amount of weight a person is capable of carrying
    2. You should avoid manual handling if you can use a mechanical lifting aide instead.
    3. Side effects caused by manual handling can remain undetected for years
    4. The risk of injury is eliminated when you wear a back brace.


  1. After you use a fire extinguisher containing carbon dioxide; which of the following is known to happen to the nozzle?
    1. It becomes extremely cold
    2. It becomes warm
    3. It becomes slightly hot
    4. It becomes extremely hot


  1. What should you do in the event that you are the first person to discover a fire?
    1. Immediately leave the building
    2. Immediately activate the fire alarm
    3. Immediately go get your personal things and go home until further notice
    4. Try and put out the fire with the closest fire extinguisher


  1. Which of the following types of health and safety signs are in the shape of a triangle?
    1. Mandatory
    2. Prohibition
    3. Hazard
    4. No Smoking


  1. If putting out a fire in a confined space, which of the following extinguishers should you avoid using?
    1. Water and Foam
    2. Foam and Carbon Dioxide
    3. Carbon Dioxide and Dry Powder
    4. Dry Powder and Water


  1. What is required while you are working in a hearing protection zone?
    1. You must stop using any equipment and/or machinery that is loud immediately
    2. You should make sure you are wearing the correct hearing protection
    3. You should avoid speaking to others because they could easily become distracted
    4. You should work quickly in order to quickly exit the area.


  1. A sign meaning “safe conditions” is what color?
    1. Green
    2. Blue
    3. Yellow
    4. Red


  1. What type of extinguisher would a class F fire need?
    1. A water extinguisher
    2. A dry powder extinguisher
    3. A Carbon Dioxide extinguisher
    4. A wet chemical extinguisher


  1. _____ is considered a safe voltage when electrical equipment is being utilized on the work site.
    1. 110 Volts
    2. 125 Volts
    3. 210 Volts
    4. 225 Volts


  1. If you see the color blue on a fire extinguisher, what does this color inform you of?
    1. That the fire extinguisher contains water
    2. That the fire extinguisher contains Dry Powder
    3. That the fire extinguisher contains Carbon Dioxide
    4. That the fire extinguisher is empty and needs to be replaced


  1. If you see a red and white sign that has a picture of a finger pressing a button with a fire beside it; what is the sign telling you?
    1. Where you can find the fire assembly point
    2. How to exit the building
    3. Where the fire alarm is located
    4. Where the fire extinguisher is located


  1. If you trying to fight a fire caused by fuel; what type of fire extinguisher do you use?
    1. Water
    2. Dry Powder
    3. Wet Chemical
    4. Foam


  1. The term PAT signifies what in relation to the construction industry?
    1. Professional Appliance Testing
    2. Portable Aptitude Testing
    3. Portable Appliance Test
    4. Professional Aptitude Test


  1. Which of the following items found on the worksite is not required to undergo the process of a PAT test?
    1. The coffee machine
    2. A battery charger that you plug in
    3. The coffee maker
    4. A battery operated drill


  1. If the body of an individual comes into contact with wet cement; which of the following conditions is most likely to result?
    1. It would result in internal bleeding
    2. It would result in chemical burns
    3. It would have no effect
    4. It would cause them to lose their hair


  1. What would your second option be when deciding what fire extinguisher to use in order to tackle an electrical fire?
    1. A fire extinguisher containing foam
    2. A fire extinguisher containing water
    3. A fire extinguisher containing wet chemicals
    4. A fire extinguisher continuing dry powder.


  1. Before you decide to carry a load, which of the following needs to be considered?
    1. How far you will need to travel
    2. If the path is clear and free from hazard
    3. The dimension of the object and how much it weighs
    4. All of these


  1. The health and safety term RIDDOR is related to what?
    1. The reporting of diseases and dangerous occurrences in the work place
    2. It tells you exactly how you should perform your job safely
    3. It is a manual that contains all of the proper techniques for manual handling on the worksite
    4. It explains how chemicals should be used safely while on the worksite


  1. Which of the following best describes tool box talk?
    1. It is a detailed manual on safe methods for storing your tools
    2. It is a detailed guide that outlines all tools approved for you to use while working on the worksite
    3. It is a brief discussion covering a specific health and safety topic
    4. It is a manual explaining where all of the toils can be found and which ones are right for which job.
  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
  11. B
  12. A
  13. D
  14. B
  15. C
  16. C
  17. C
  18. D
  19. B
  20. A
  21. C
  22. D
  23. D
  24. A
  25. B
  26. C
  27. C
  28. D
  29. A
  30. D
  31. A
  32. B
  33. C
  34. D
  35. C
  36. D
  37. B
  38. D
  39. D
  40. A
  41. C

We hope you have enjoyed these CSCS Mock Test Online questions and if you would like to keep practicing, check out our other CSCS Practice Exams here.

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    Passed the mock! Text booked for next week.

  90. Cathy says:

    Great test, very helpful got 42/50 (fire questions need more practise)

  91. James mccormack says:

    I have’nt done this practice test for about 8 years’i think i will definitly be practascing it a few more times,before i go in for the real test.

  92. MTM Smith says:


  93. Colin says:

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  94. adam says:

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  95. Dave says:

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    Like to keep challenging myself got a full house

  96. david says:

    got 49 today my test is the day as well but a bet I will drop to 44 at the test 🙁

  97. Ian stewart says:

    This mock test is good

  98. Paul McPhail says:

    Very helpful in preparing for my up and coming test – 49 / 50. Some tricky questions thrown in as well.

  99. Jordan Pitts says:

    First time 50out of 50

  100. Murray Lee Donaldson says:

    What should you do if you see a live electrical wire fall into a water puddle?
    Surely you would ‘Notify others in the area’ AND ‘Avoid the area’?

    What should you do if climbing to a certain height on a ladder makes you uncomfortable?
    Surely you would ‘Notify your Supervisor’ AND ‘Only climb to a height that you are comfortable with’?
    Are these official 2018 questions with official answers?

  101. Andy Nicholls says:

    44 damn; questions about extinguishers are misleading, there are no blue or black extinguishers, they are all red with black blue or cream BANDS!

  102. Carol Lewis says:

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  103. Dave says:

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    No test coming up just liked the challenge

  104. Brett Kinsley says:

    I think question 29 is flawed. It ask which fire extinguisher do you need for a fuel fire. Two of the options are foam (a and b fires) and co2 what can be used for B and Electric fires. It’s only allowing me to pick one.

  105. scott says:

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  107. Danny says:

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    5-Day Course booked for 18-22 March 2019

  108. Roberto says:

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  113. I am doing a course (1 week), the key to passing is practice. Mock tests are important. Any questions you get wrong memorise the answers. I passed this one, but still got 3 wrong. But if they come up in the exam I will definitely get them right. Thank you