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  1. Question 26 – asks which fire ext not to use but the question should be which can you use as C02 and Powder are the correct ones.

  2. Wow, I’m glad I found this site! Definitely what I need to improve my skill and knowledge about CSCS. Thank you!

  3. Mock tests are always helpful. It gauges how much we learned and in what areas we still need to study. Good job!

  4. Just what I need! Thank you for compiling this CSCS mock questions. I’ve searched online and they’re all the same. I’ll go through my notes again before taking the exam!

  5. This is superb. Most mock exams only provide 20-30 questions, but this CSCS one can provide 50 questions. I think this is the most convenient mean for practicing CSCS before taking the actual exam. Well done! 🙂

  6. Thank you for this CSCS mock exam. This really makes it easier for me to study – and the interactive touch screen is an added plus!

  7. This is the best CSCS Mock Test that I’ve come across. I have been kinda worried about how I would do on this test, but now I am confident that with a bit of practice with this I will do just fine on the actual exam.

  8. Some of these look like trick questions. Oh well, guess that’s to be expected to make things a bit challenging.

  9. Whoa! I need 47 correct answers to pass this exam? This is harder than I thought! Well, practice is the key to success.

  10. This is very helpful, thank you for putting this together. I sure wish you had a downloadable version of this test also so I can study it when I’m offline.

  11. If these questions are to appear in the actual exam, then there is no way that this mock test cannot help anyone who will take it on. Figure out who among your contacts is gonna take this test in the near future and share this with them!

  12. Thank you for coming up with these questions. I’m so nervous right now and tensed because I do not know if I’ve covered everything in my study. After trying out this test, I was relieved! You guys are super!

  13. As I took the test already the result was a very positive one. I am really proud of what I’ve achieved. Thank you for the opportunity to take this test this will prepare us for the real thing!

  14. This is fantastic! Best set of compiled questions I’ve come across online. Are you guys coming up with another set?

  15. This interactive test was so professionally made. It is very impressive in many levels. Anyone who would practice using this will definitely gain some sort of advantage on the actual exam.

  16. The best mock test online! Tough questions (and a very high passing score) but it made me assess how much I’ve learned so far. I wish they’d come up with a new set of questions.

  17. Errr…guys this is so hard! I thought getting into the construction industry is easy. But I was wrong. Guess I’ll have to read more!

  18. I was like searching whole internet to find something like this. All the questions given above are really important.

  19. My brother is taking this exam. Upon reading the comments, I will recommend this mock test to help him. Thank you!

  20. On your other mock tests the answer to Q.41 is
    “All personnel on the site must immediately cease work” ???

  21. If your work site is given a prohibition notice, what does it mean?

    b. The site must undergo review to ensure the proper safety protocol are in place

    c. All personnel on the site must immediately cease work

    This question also confused me, answer C has been the most selected answer on some sites..

      1. Is this really true? if you google it this is what i cam across:If inspectors believe that your work activities give rise to a risk of serious personal injury, they may issue you with a prohibition notice.

        The prohibition notice normally requires you to stop that activity immediately. You must not resume the activity until you have taken action to remove or control the risk.

        1. Agreed, these questions have been taken from CSCS exams and these are the correct answers given. I know it seems confusing but we can only provide the answers they want.

  22. Mock test gives you great awareness of the need to keep up to date with health & safety and not just on the day of your test, as we are all being responsible for one and other going home without injurys

  23. Question 41 regarding Prohibition notice to the site. The answer to this question differs to the answer given in the GT 200 CITB 2016 publication.

    1. We have added many tests with various different questions. We try to include all we can are add more tests with new questions all the time

    1. Infomation on this website or take some of the tests, you will be given any correct answers at the end so you will learn for next time.

  24. Hi, I got 47 out of 50 but have issues with some answers, and no pictures or photos?

    Painting a ladder is not good practice as it can hide faults. Wood ladders are rarely used so why paint alloy ones?

    If a co-worker complains of dizziness call the first aider (context can also affect answer – if person is dizzy on a ladder perform a rescue), then if that person deems necessary call the emergency services. There is not enough info to determine if it’s life threatening.

    Info about chemicals often used on site is in the SDS Register (used to be called MSDS – see HSE site). The SDS Register would contain all the SDS.

  25. Also, ladder use is a last resort nowadays. A risk assessment would determine if an elevated work platform is needed or even perform the work on the ground.

  26. Wow I scored a 42 / 50. Iv never workd on sit but my boyfriend does. It appears to be mostly common sense. Pretty pleased with my results. I’m even considering getting g a card now ?

  27. I’ve done this test several times after 3years and got 36 out 50 keep trying till you get stuck in your head now i got 50/50 3 times and 48.

  28. Found the info easy to understand and to read for someone who isn’t very good at English and has a very short attention span. Thank you

  29. which of the following statements about ladders is not true?

    There are two answers, i marked one, painted, but fibreglass ladders will give lower chance of electrical grounding was also ticked ( i didnt tick this one).

    Should nt this say mark at least two answers?

    i only chose one of these

  30. Justcompleted the 50 question mock test and pleased with the 43/50. Especially the fact I have not been on a site for 10 years.

  31. The test is not as easy as one might expect with it being multiple choice. You need to read the question and review all the answers before submitting your answer. I got 45/50.

  32. question 28 asks what a red and white sign with a finger pressing a button next to a flame represents ?and the answer is fire alarm simple as that so how is the answer that a fire extinguisher is present and an alarm ?

    1. I am not sure how you are seeing this as we have check the quiz, there is only one answer that is allow to be selected and that is alarm.

  33. I have’nt done this practice test for about 8 years’i think i will definitly be practascing it a few more times,before i go in for the real test.

  34. What should you do if you see a live electrical wire fall into a water puddle?
    Surely you would ‘Notify others in the area’ AND ‘Avoid the area’?

    What should you do if climbing to a certain height on a ladder makes you uncomfortable?
    Surely you would ‘Notify your Supervisor’ AND ‘Only climb to a height that you are comfortable with’?
    Are these official 2018 questions with official answers?

  35. 44 damn; questions about extinguishers are misleading, there are no blue or black extinguishers, they are all red with black blue or cream BANDS!

  36. Very helpful, although I always seem to get at least 2 wrong – close to call for my test due this Saturday (1/12/18)!

  37. I think question 29 is flawed. It ask which fire extinguisher do you need for a fuel fire. Two of the options are foam (a and b fires) and co2 what can be used for B and Electric fires. It’s only allowing me to pick one.

  38. I’m so glad I found this site! I love the fact I can get a completely different practice test with one click! Oh, by the way, I’ve taken 3 tests so far and achieved more than 45 on each one:)

  39. I am doing a course (1 week), the key to passing is practice. Mock tests are important. Any questions you get wrong memorise the answers. I passed this one, but still got 3 wrong. But if they come up in the exam I will definitely get them right. Thank you

  40. I have just done your CSCS mock test, getting 48/50 I was well pleased and enjoyed the further additional test questions. I have my CSCS test booked for tomorrow morning 23/06/20 8am at Carlisle, after doing your mock test I feel fully at ease and looking forward to my test tomorrow. thank you

  41. @John Slater did you pass after using these mock tests. Did you find them useful. I have completed all the learning material and have booked my tests for next week. Currently doing the mock tests.

  42. Previously I only used book for revision and although the books are well structured and easy to follow, I find these mock tests great addition to the revision. Thank you.

  43. I’ve had my test booked for 3 months because of Covid it has been delayed yet again, but I finally have a date, so i have revised for the first time in 3 months and got a 48/50. Test is in 2 days.

  44. Excellent practice, would highly recommend to anyone with an upcoming test. I have my test booked for Monday, and can honestly say I wouldn’t have the confidence if it hadn’t been for the mock tests

  45. Got two wrong but not looking for a card anyway, should have got the full 50 as I used to write risk assessments SWP’s Job instructor for Tata Steel before retiring.

  46. Just did this mock test got 45/50. i have a test tomorow. will the general idea of these questions be on that test or will it be a bit different?

  47. Excellent app and really does help you to do revision for the course Well done Ryan you have most certainly gone above board and all out to help others

  48. Brilliant for revision, first time I did the test I got 43 out of 50, because I was able to check the answers I got wrong at the time it helped me remember the correct answer for next time which resulted in me getting top marks….happy days.

  49. Amazing materials, my test is tomorrow.

    Hopefully I’m well prepared after all these tests.

    Thank you for this excellent mcq set.


  50. 49 out of 50 I cannot spot the question where I have missed something out on a question. very good, its probably a question where is two answers. when I look at it there all ticks.

  51. I am a pipe fitter/welder, I haven’t been employed for a few years, do I need employment first before applying for a CSCS card, thank you

  52. I need a cscs card for certain site i wont be doing any work on site apart from delivering a load which card do i require ?

  53. this is a good thing to learn as you get a good chance to build yourself a good reputation as being a competent employee

    so come on ladies and gentlemen get practising

  54. i got 13 wrong and certainly need to brush up on my what extinguishers do what, and although im a trained
    lift engineer and not a fire fighter i found this very helpful in moving forward with what we need to know in the world we live in today,, most importantly I’ve learned something ,,, which is always a good thing.. thank you

  55. I find the cscs test is harder than HGV test… just did the mock test without reading any book. fail 12, so I need to read some more info and do the test in the same time..

    Thank you for creating this website

  56. Hi all

    Just like to say ,that having this in place is a real god send in that now I have completed my degree I am looking at starting work again and have to have my new CSCS card .

    Its really helped me to realise were I’m at straight away .

    Thanks ,really good help to have .