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    1. Glad you liked it, I would suggest trying our other tests rather than sitting the same one over and over. Lot’s more questions to try.

  1. I got two wrong answers but the list showing my answers and the correct answers list doesn’t seem to show my wrong answers

  2. Hi, thanks for the free test best one I have done and passed, but I was wounding if this test is for 2018 citb paper and not the new 2019 paper I see is coming very soon. many thanks.

  3. The test didn’t mark me right
    I went back over the answers and it says that i got three wrong , but when i looked through them their was only one X next to a question?
    The rest of the questions was correct identified with the ticks.

  4. My second attempt, my first was 44 out of 50 bit dissapointed but tried again next day and good results got 50 out of 50

  5. great site took my mock test for cscs health and safety awareness ready for my exam to gain my green cscs and go onto sssts certificate and i got 50/50 correct well happy

  6. Found it really helpful the only thing was i didn’t no if i passed or not? Again thanks
    Lee Yardley

  7. i found the questions the same as the HS&E CITB test that i did at the weekend i was looking for questions for the Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment test are they the same?

  8. Great stuff here….really enjoyed the test. It’s a good start from her. Will keep trying until I become manager. Cheers

  9. I did my best to get the higher score I did well I really need to pass my exam 39 out 50 which is not to bad but still need to improve.