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    1. Well done Wayne so with those odds, you should get 48 out of 50.
      We are working on getting the other 25 questions added to this quiz. We will let you know so you can take a full exam.

    1. Thank you David, we are glad you found this helpful.
      We have been trying out some new software for typing out these quizzes and it looks like there could be some issues.
      I have made some changes, could you let me know if you see any more issues on this page?

  1. Useless as it doesn’t have any questions from sections D (high risk activities), E (environment) or F (specialist activities) of the test

    1. As an Archeology student I need to pass my managers test to get onto a dig site. So, first go and no knowledge of building sites I got 40 out of 50. Fairly positive I feel. Pity there is very little info for students and their obligations and requirements to access pre construction construction/building sites.

  2. I got 48 out of 50 but when i checked to see what i had got wrong, i noticed that i got only one wrong from what was presented to me.

      1. No CDM 2015 questions in test; Is this the Managers Test, I was advised that there would be at least 3 on this area

  3. I sat my cscs test and scored 46/50. One question talked about FOPS, I didnt know what that was. I had gas cylinder questions and demolition questions. I was a bit stuck!
    Do you have any other revision tests? thanks

  4. Great Mock to give the flavour of how they ask questions.

    Small point on Question 34. Answer stated is not quite correct.

    The Daily TWA, ELV is 87dB as stated but short term peak can be higher as follows: LAV 135(C) peak, UAV 137(C) peak and ELV 140(C) peak (otherwise there would be problems of slamming a door shut or shouting which both create higher dB than 87)

  5. 50/50 look forward to doing my test next week.i have found when doing these mock tests, the questions need to change everytime for MAP.

  6. I have held an operators card in the past and I’ve passed both operator and manager mock tests numerous times, if I take the managers test, do I also require an operator’s card if I want to work “on the tools”.

  7. 43 answers correct 0 wrong, yet 50 questions answered correctly!!!
    Is there a fault with the page, also does the page not regenerate different questions.

    1. Sorry about this it seems to be an issue with the multiple choice questions not awarding the correct number of points.
      Sorry no there is only 50 questions for this one exam, that is why we have lot’s of exams on this site. It take a lot of time and effort to write these tests for free.

  8. Im pleased first attempt managed a score of 42 very interesting this was for black cert and im looking for Gold so i good with my result …thanks Sean

  9. doing a NEBOSH Construction H&S certificate, part the way through the first module, I got 44 out of 50.
    this test has given me a bit more confidence in what I’ve learned to far

    1. Hi Rory

      That is still great to hear! I could not stress enough in these exams the importance of taking your time and reading the questions fully! You have plenty of time to get through all the questions and they will try and trick you from time to time.

      Good work still.

  10. Very helpful and hopefully ensures a safe and respectful handling of all devices on the
    building site.
    Every day without an accident is a confirmation for this test.

  11. 50 out of 50 bit too easy, could do with some CDM regs. Always good to brush up on all levels.

  12. Not enough questions on CDM, they’re essential if you’re looking to obtain the managers card.

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for this. Is this the mock test to obtain a Black Card?
    Need to revise more though…. πŸ™
    Where can I find information in order to revise for a Black Card test?

  14. Scored 46 and advised passed but latest 2018 test requires 47 for a pass. Also noted that if mind changed the first answer is registered not the amendment.

  15. great website, though it more tests could be add for a better practice.. but very good so far ..
    50/50 by the way

  16. this is just for feedback purposes, but the results were 48/50 however, I counted 3 wrong answers. a fantastic source of testing, now we have moved on from reading books.

  17. Useful to take a mock test, but this is somewhat limited as there are only 50 questions (which don’t seem to change on reloading the page?). The full MAP test has 470 questions, so there are still 420 questions left to revise…

    1. Hi Mike

      Yes, this is only a 50 question test, we understand there are a lot of other questions out there that you could be asked. We have a limited time and resource to write out these questions for you guys.
      Please be aware also this is a few service, If you would like all the questions I can direct you where you can buy a book with all the questions in?
      We try to add as much as we can and when we get the chance we will add in more questions for you guys and girls.

  18. I got 5 questions wrong, which were the ones I was considering a different answer to the questions, but went with the first choice instead of changing the anwer.

  19. 39 without studying at all! Most of it is general work experience. Thank you very much. Looking forward for further such mocks

  20. not a bad first attempt and schoolboy errors for my wrong answers ,test next week hoping I pass as haven’t had time
    for revision.

  21. 48 out of 50 but how similar is this test to the one I will be taking next week? Ideally could do with more exams

  22. 45 Useful test although the double negative type questions are deliberately misleading. They seem designed to test reading skill more than safety and risk awareness. ie what should you not do…..

  23. Hi I have do the citb health and safety environment management and professional for the first time and 44 got 6 wrong then continually doing it over and over till I got 47 out of 50 good score from since then I haven’t been scoring 50 0yt of 50 good score I will not stop until I brought the book and DVD together study it fully then book my test and get my certificate and card to do my construction supervisory thanks once again my is rassfitzroy bless

  24. 41 correct not bad consider it’s my first attempt, I am presently taking my smsts and hoping to go for my site manager CSCS in the new year

  25. Good test, thanks very much. Maybe a few of the high risk and environment questions and possibly a read through for minor grammar issues

  26. Is revision material free online for the 2019 Managers test ? is 45 out of 50 a pass ?
    What is the cost of the test ? inc a resit if failed ? Do i need to sit the exam with the qualification i already have ?

  27. Hi I Carried out the cscs management test (mock), and I was surprised how good it was, very varied questions and very impressive layout.

  28. I enjoyed doing the mock test it makes sense to know we’re you stand when the law is involved and your rights and wrongs of doing your job.

  29. good test (if they are relevant for the test)
    I got 44 correct. 7, 8, 31, 35, 36, 42 wrong
    i did the smsts last week so thats the only HSE study I have done.
    thanks for providing this

  30. 49 out of 50 got my exam today,fingers crossed will be ok.great work.thank you for creating and maintaining this website.

  31. 50 correct but I failed my real test last week and re-sitting it this weekend, I think you should cover more questions on CDM, that’s what I failed my test on, but this is a good mock exam, thank you

  32. Very helpful tool. I would strongly recommend anyone about to take the map test, research the materials for answers and use this mock up as a good guide as to where you are in your education prior to taking the test.
    Pass it once or its a fail, its that simple.

  33. The MAP mock test was hard for me to answer some of the questions without study the relevant material topics but able to do my best.

    Scoring 38 answers correct with 11 questions wrong was not a bad attend at all. It will require me to review the topics material properly and carefully understand the material precisely.

  34. I scored 48/50 of the two questions I answered incorrectly, one was due to not reading the question properly as I knew the answer, and one was where i did not know the answer and made a guess.

  35. Hi Ryan
    there seems to be a glitch in the system I have taken the test twice with what I am sure have been the right answers, but both times the system has changed my answers to questions 1,20,31 and 35. The second time I made sure the answer was checked before pressing next. I tried to operatives test to see if that did the same but that seemed to work fine. Great site but there does appear to be a gremlin in the works, I willtry again to see if it does it for a third time and get back to you.

  36. Great example of the real thing but no questions relating to CDM. I have successfully got 100% no problem with the mock test but failed the real test twice.

  37. I passed the test first time although I got 3 answers wrong, of those 3 they were obvious after wards but the lesson here and I suppose in the real test is to make sure you read the questions properly and take your time when answering. Good questions though.

  38. I scored 47 out of 50 and this would be my first attempt. The mock test is extremely impressive and very evocative.

  39. I scored 50/50 and found the mock test straight forward that can be completed with common sense. I have also downloaded CITB’s MAP LITE test for practicing, which has a lot of questions around CDM, which are far harder as legislation is not always common sense based.
    The CITB’s MAP LITE practice test, provides different questions each time you do it, but it does not provide details on the answers that you have got wrong. As you test lets you check your answers, it is better in this way. The range and types of questions in the CITB MAP LITE are more useful, but poor as you have no way of knowing, where you have gone wrong, but I guess that is what you will get in the real test!

  40. 50/50. Good practice, but it only seemed to cover the operative material, none of the CDM and management material.

  41. i only work in the Ceramic Tiling industry but i have to take this test for my new CSCS card as my old one is being withdrawn.
    some of the questions cover areas i have not had any dealings with, but most are common sense.
    i have my CSCS test in a hour so these mock tests are useful.
    i scored 47/50, with one question wrong as I didnt read the question properly!!!
    Hopefully i will pass my test later today.

  42. 50/50 so can’t complain but I have been revising!

    Great site and just what’s needed to give people confidence before going for their tests.

  43. Thanks. Much appreciated, it does take time to develop questionnaires. Questions on High Risk Activities, Environment and Special Activities would would have been handy. H,S and E Gt200 revision book quite handy.

  44. Hello to every one
    Just wondering wich of those mock test is better to renew a gold card
    All of them looks the same
    Any help for any one?!

    Thank you

  45. BINGO 50 OUT OF 50 DONE MY REVISION DONE A FEW MOCK TESTS test this afternoon for renewal of Black card with the changes to the CDM since my last test this has been helpful thank you

  46. Really useful practice, very pleased with my full marks, just have to hope that the real thing is as successful!

  47. Due to a new job i have to take the MAP test and found this to be a great aid.
    I feel a lot more confident going into my test.

  48. Brilliant site I have just done the test and got 47 out of 50 I will keep doing this test until I achieve 50 out of 50 every time I have 5 days to practise

  49. Hi

    Thank you for the free test you provided for practice. If I want to pass the CITB manager and professional test I have, these 50 questions you updated on 08/09/2022 for practice, is it enough? or should practice the other 50 questions for Health and Safety separately? or any other questions as well?

    Also If I practice the last update questions, do I need to practice for the late date as well or not?

    Thank you

  50. very useful test showing up the gaps in my old knowledge.
    Agree with some early comments, could have done with a few more on CDM …let you know on Monday!!
    thanks very much

  51. My CSCS card as a Quantity Surveyor expired quite a long time for i had been working in middle east. I am back to UK and just to have a memory refresh, i took the mock up test without refering to a CSCS book.And got 35 on 50.
    I need to read through the book and go for a proper get my CSCS card.

  52. I have my test tomorrow morning, I am really grateful for the help your Site has given me, on the build up to my test.

    Thanks for the help.

    My regards