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CSCS Mock Test For Managers and Professionals 2017

Today we have created a Full 50 question CSCS Mock Test For Managers and Professionals. If you are looking to obtain the Black CSCS card for managers, then this is the mock test for you. We have created this with questions from real CSCS questions you will get asked when sitting your test. It is an excellent way to see if you are ready to sit the exam.

In this practice test, we have given you example questions from various topics, these include:

  • First aid and Emergency procedures
  • Health and welfare
  • Accident reporting and recording
  • Personal protective equipment
  • General responsibilities.
  • Dust and fumes (Respiratory hazards)
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Hazardous substances
  • Manual Handling
  • Electrical safety, tools and equipment

The CITB health, safety and environment test will consist of 50 questions and to pass you will need to answer 47 correct within the time limit of 45 minutes. The questions are all multiple choice, but some questions will need more than one answer, so please make sure you read the question fully before answering to see if it needs multiple answers.

1. Why is the Health and Safety at Work Act important to everyone at work? Give 2 answers


2. Why should all employees be able to view the company health and safety policy?


3. If there is a fatal accident or reportable dangerous occurrence on site, when must the Health and Safety Executive be informed?


4. What happens if a probation notice is issued by the Health and Safety Executive inspector or local authority?


5. Which of these does not have to be recorded in the accident book?


6. When must you record an accident in the accident book?


7. If someone is injured at work, who should record it in the accident book?


8. Which of the following statements about recording accidents is true?


9. What is the most important reason for keeping a working area on a construction site clean and tidy?


10. Why is it important for all workers to attend site induction?


11. A doctor gives an employee an some medication. What question is important that the employee ask the doctor?


12. You can catch an infection called tetanus from contaminated land or water. How does it get into your body?


13. Which of the following is most likely to result in those who work with sheet lead having raised levels of lead in the blood?


14. You suspect someone has been drinking alcohol or is still over the limit. What should you do?


15. How do you find out about emergency assembly points?


16. How do workers find out what to do if they are injured on site?


17. How are site based staff and visitors informed of the location of first aid facilities on site?


18. How should site visitors be informed of what to do in the event of an on-site emergency?


19. How can you see for yourself that attention has been given to simple emergency procedures on site?


20. Do those in charge of sites have to provide a first aid box?


21. While on site you observe that there is a risk of materials flying at speed into workers eyes. What should they be wearing to protect themselves?


22. When should eye protection be worn?


23. When should you wear safety footwear on site?


24. What features should you be looking for when obtaining safety footwear for a site visit?


25. Do all types of gloves protect hands against chemicals?


26. Someone is using a disc cutter to cut concrete blocks. What three immediate hazards are likely to affect you?


27. Why is it important to be clean-shaven if using a half mask respirator?


28. Where are workers likely to breathe in the highest quantities of dust when drilling, cutting, sanding or grinding?


29. What should you not encourage workers to do when they are sweeping up?


30. What should a worker do if the water they are using to control dust runs out?


31. What is the best way to limit dust exposure when assessing the use of power tools?


32. Can the damage by exposure to noise over a long period of time be reversed?


33. How can noise affect someone’s health? Give two examples


34. What is the significance of the weekly or daily personal noise exposure limit value of 87 decibels set out in the control of noise at work regulations?


35. If you need to wear disposable foam ear plugs how should you insert them so they protect your hearing from damage?


36. What is the least reliable source of information when assessing the level of vibration from a powered percussive hand tool?


37. Which one of these is not a primary purpose of the asbestos survey?


38. What illness might a worker develop if they breathe in asbestos dust?


39. When visiting site the contractor have said that they have found some asbestos. What is the first thing that should be done?


40. How should cylinders containing liquefied petroleum gas(LPG) be stored on site?


41. Apart from the cylinders used in gas-powered forklift trucks, why should you never see liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder placed on their side during use?


42. What must all workers do under the regulations for manual handling?


43. If manual lifting activities are part of a task, what must be carried out?


44. You are in charge of a group of workers who are about to start on a new site. What could you do to help minimise manual handling?


45. Your workforce are lifting loads heavier than those recommended in the risk assessment. What should you do?


46. When should tools and equipment be checked for damage?


47. What two main areas of Visual inspections should be carried out before each use of a power tool?


48. What must an RCD residual current device used in conjunction with 230v electrical equipment?


49. How could a site worker check if the RCD residual current device through which a 230 volt handle is connected to the supply is working correctly?


50. What colour should a 110 volt power cable and connector be?



We would love to hear how you got on in this mock test so please submit a comment below with your score to let us know. Good luck.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Not too bad 24

    • admin says:

      Well done Wayne so with those odds, you should get 48 out of 50.
      We are working on getting the other 25 questions added to this quiz. We will let you know so you can take a full exam.

  2. Wayne says:

    A good straight forward test of your ability to make sound and safe decisions

  3. David Manson says:

    Very helpful – thanks. Some of the spelling and grammar could be better though!

    • admin says:

      Thank you David, we are glad you found this helpful.
      We have been trying out some new software for typing out these quizzes and it looks like there could be some issues.
      I have made some changes, could you let me know if you see any more issues on this page?

  4. Pedro Veloso says:

    44. Not enough.

  5. David Newman says:

    Useless as it doesn’t have any questions from sections D (high risk activities), E (environment) or F (specialist activities) of the test

  6. A Manellari says:

    47 . Very helpful test on checking your knowledge and identifying areas for improvement

  7. Danny says:

    43 pleased with that for first attempt

  8. rab says:

    very helpful

  9. Deborah Ault says:

    46 on the first attempt. Really good to be able to sit and do a mock test.