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  1. Thank you for creating this page it is a very helpful useful and informative page it has given me the knowledge and availibility to practice ready for my full cscs card exam

  2. 47 out of 50 is not bad to say I have never worked on a building site, it has given me confidence to now do the test.

  3. 49 /50
    Hopefully I do this well tomorrow in my proper test ????????

    This has been a great help thank you ????

  4. All ways do a mock test before a real test, it does help out a lot! Making sure that you do pass your test. Save money too
    47/50 just made it but still to do mock test! Test in a weeks time looking forward to it ????

  5. My first time trying and i got 46/50. my job is Occupational health Technician. i did well but i will keep
    trying it on till i got 50/50. Thank you for this page it really help.