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CITB Health and Safety Test
Learn more about the many areas of Health and Safety required to gain the Card.
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The types of cards available explained in detail with examples.
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The various types of training available to people in the construction industry.

CSCS & CITB Test, Card Information, CSCS Mock Tests and Revision Material

The CSCS Test or Construction Skills Certification Scheme Test was set up in 1995 by the UK Government to both reduce accidents and to better on-site efficiency on construction sites. It covers a total of 220 occupations and it is the largest scheme in the construction industry.

Quick Overview

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme was designed with the intention of ensuring that everyone on a construction site had the health and safety training needed in order to increase the safety and efficiency in which work is being conducted on these job sites.  The CSCS card proves that you have the required training in order to accomplish more efficient and conduct work in a safer manner than someone who has not obtained this card.

There are numerous different types of cards available.  These cards are colour coded to reflect the level of experience and knowledge the person has obtained. In order to obtain your card, you must have the required documents.  You must also take the Health Safety and Environment test and the CSCS test before you will be awarded your card.  The health test costs £19.50 and the CSCS charge is £30.00.  The best method of studying is repetition.

You can use videos, books, CD’s, or information you find online to help you study.  However, it is highly recommended to try and pass the mock exams before taking the real thing, because if you cannot pass the mock exams; it is highly unlikely you will pass the real thing.  The CSCS mock tests can also provide you with the confidence and reassurance you need to pass the test with flying colours.

CSCS Card Information

The United Kingdom set up the Construction Skills Certification Scheme during the mid-1990s.  The Construction Skills Certification Scheme, or CSCC as it is most commonly referred too, was created with the intention of increasing the safety and efficiency of construction sites.

It does this by educating construction workers and making sure that they have the knowledge they need when it comes to the very basics of safety and health.  Over one million people in the construction industry have taken this test, and it is becoming very common for sites to demand those working with them have taken this test.  The number of sites demanding their workers to have taken the CSCS is likely to double very soon.

The actual exam is fifty questions long.  As you are taking the exam, you will notice that there are two different sections.  38 multiple choice questions on health and safety make up the first half of the exam, with 12 behavioural case study questions making up the last half.  The case study questions are there in order to test you on your reaction to a situation that may occur and would be critical to you and those around you in the ways of safety.

How to get a CSCS Card

In order to get a CSCS card, there are a few things you must do.  First you have to fill out the application form.  Once the form is complete, you must pass the Health, Safety and Environment test before you will be allowed to sit and take the CSCS test.  Once you have finished all three of these things, your name will be added to a database containing information on all workers that have the necessary competence to work in the construction industry, and that have taken the steps to prove they have this knowledge.

You must have a CSCS card if you want to work in United Kingdom’s construction industry, regardless of the role you wish to play.

It is important that you understand when you apply for a CSCS card, you are saying that you have taken the training and obtain the qualification you need in order to do your job.  The point of the card is to prove this is true.  The card classification that you will be applying for is dictated by the qualifications you possess, the occupation you have chosen, and whether or not you are a member of professional associations.

In order for you to apply for a CSCS card, make sure that you have consulted with the online CSCS card finder in order to figure out which card you need.  It also helps to verify what CITB Health Safety and Environment test you will be required to complete before you can apply for a CSCS card.

Once you have finished your test, you can apply for the card.  First, check and make sure that you have gathered:

  • £30 to pay the CSCS charge. (The charge for the Health, Safety and Environment test costs a separate amount of £19.50.)
  • The name, address, and phone number for your current employer. If you are not currently employed, use the information for your most recent employer.
  • Make sure that you have double-checked and ensure the application criteria you have met matches what is required by the card you are applying for.
  • You can fill out and send the application form, required documentation, and payment through the mail. It takes up to 35 business days for these to be processed.
  • The process is pretty similar for CSCS card renewal.

About the test

Basically, the test is to assess the skill and knowledge of the worker in the construction industry, along with testing the individuals on different safety standards. Knowledge of these safety standards is essential to ensure the safety of the employees as well as any other people who may be present on construction sites.

The Different Types of CSCS Cards

There are many different types of CSCS cards you can apply for and it all depends on the occupation you will be applying for and the qualifications you have in the construction industry, there are around 13 different types of cards you can apply for, do not fear though you will be given guidance on which card is right for you when you go through the application.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is designed to improve competency among workers and at the same time, equip them with basic health and safety knowledge in order to carry out a safe working environment. Once the worker passed the relevant Health, Safety and Environment Test, a corresponding colour-coded card will be issued depending on the skills and occupation.

The different Card Types are the following:

  • Yellow, Site VisitorThis card is for those who frequently visit the site but have no construction skills.
  • Gold, Advanced Craft / Supervisory This is for workers who achieved a Level 3 S/NVQ or have completed an indentured apprenticeship or employer-approved apprenticeship with City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Craft Certificate.
  • Blue, Skilled Worker If you achieved a Level 2 S/NVQ or has completed an employer-sponsored apprenticeship with City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Craft Certificate, then you can apply for this type of card.
  • Black, Manager This is for managerial employees who have Level 4 or 5 S/NVQ or Level 6 or 7 QCF in the relevant occupation.

Except for the Red Cards, all cards are valid for three (3) years and are renewable.

For more information about the different types of cards click here.

What Other Cards Can I get?

JIB Card

If you are in the plumbing industry then you should get a JIB Card, including the Blue JIB Card. We have even created a JIB mock test for you to take.


Demolition operatives should have a CCDO Card, these cards prove and ensure others of their safety in the workplace. There are a few different types of cards from Demolition Manager down to Green Labourer.


To uphold the highest of safety standards with scaffolders and other workers working at height then the CISRS Card is designed for you. These include cards such as Green, Red, Blue, Gold and White, with different variations depending on your individual’s role.


A few different colours of card, these include Green, red, black, blue and gold. The SKILL cards are issued for those that are within the engineering services, maintaining a level of high-quality safety standards.

Mock and Practice Tests


Before sitting your test it is very important that you study for it, only applicants that pass the test will be granted their card. It is also very good practice to take as many mock exams as you can, we have a load to help you practice, so take as many CSCS Mock Test questions as you can. Why not try our full 50 question CSCS mock test for 2018.

To help you there is a wide range material to help you study in many languages as well to benefit anyone who works in construction in the UK. Once you have yourself registered to take the test you study material will be delivered straight to your door. Once you feel ready to take your test you can choose one of the many test centres around the UK to sit your test. Wherever you are in the UK you will not be too far away from a centre as they are dotted all across the country.

What are the behavioural case study questions?

From April 2012 the CITB health, safety and environment test have added another way for you to be tested on how you would react and behave on a construction site. There are 12 case study questions that will test how you react to a certain situation, some basic common sense in most cases.

How much does the card cost?

The cost of the card is only £30 which is inclusive of vat, while you will find that some companies out there will stand the cost of the training for their staff it is generally your responsibility to pay for their own card cost. Please bear in mind that this does not include the cost for the Health, Safety and Environment Test, that’s a separate £19.50.

What Should I Do If I Some How lose my Card?

You are in luck if you lose your card you can apply for a duplicate card to be sent out to you, only if your original card was still valid and in date. These will be sent out to you without having to take any extra tests.

Why is a CSCS card so important to me?

If you do not hold a card then it will be almost impossible for you or anyone to be able to work within the construction industry in the United Kingdom. Pretty much every company in the construction industry will need you to have a CSCS card before they would even think about letting you have the job, this acts a proof that you know the information/health and safety guidelines that will keep you and others safe on the construction site.

Who needs to have a CSCS card?

Everyone that is thinking or currently working in the construction industry should hold a valid cscs card. This doesn’t just mean the operatives, this also includes the managers and the supervisors. Depending on the card you hold with depend on the privileges you have, just for an example, a site operative will not have the same access to machinery that a supervisor would have. Pretty much all work sites in the UK will need all of their subcontractors to have a valid card or that cards equivalent, no matter what work they are carrying out. Even if you are just a regular visitor to a construction site who does not even have any construction skills or and training should at the least have a yellow card before they are able to enter the work site.

How Long is a Card Valid For?

Depending on which card you have will dictate how long your card will be valid for, lengths of validity range from six months all the way up to 5 years. Check the details of each card when you apply and be sure to check out the information we provide.

How Long Will It Take To Receive The Card?

When you have passed your exam, and all the documentation and paperwork has been received you should receive your card by post within 30 working days.

Choosing the right CSCS study material and books

There are many ways you can study for your exam, there are a few revision books you can buy on the market, Amazon is a good place to start. Some people do prefer a more interactive way of studying, such as training CD’s which have the same exams we have listed on your site but some people will just fancy using the old fashioned book to read as and when they can and get a chance to. They will both will have the same amount of useful content in them to help you pass so it is all up to personal choice.

How to pass the test

To pass the test is a quite simple and easy task to achieve, we find that most of the people that sit their CSCS test pass first time after using our mock exams to help them practice.  All that is needed to pass your exam is a simple two-step process, the first part is to help over to our CSCS revision material and read up on the topics you will face in the test. The second part is to take some of our practice mock tests, these test will give you a feel of how the exams work and the type of questions you will face. All it will take to get your card are those 2 steps.

You can use our revision material we have laid out on this site, for example, the different fire extinguisher types to help you study and to get a better feel for the exam questions use our mock exams which have the most common types of questions you will face.

Taking the Test in different languages

At the time of writing this page (2015), the main default language for the CSCS exam is English.

Those of you who would like to take the operatives test will have a choice of using voice-overs in these following languages: Bulgarian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Romanian, German, Czech, Lithuanian. If you need the test in another language than the ones we have listed you should request an interpreter when booking.

Those of you who would like to take the specialist test, unfortunately at the moment there is no pre-recorded voice-overs available. You will have to ask for an interpreter when booking your test if you need one.

Those of you who would like to take managers and professionals (MAP) test, there will be no voice overs and no interpreter as these tests require you to have a basic command of the English language.

For a list of the test centres in the UK click here.

Or if you would like to site some mock test questions then click this link.

What You Need to Know about the CSCS Test

The test was designed in order to test the level of skill and knowledge a person working within United Kingdom’s construction industry contains, while simultaneously testing their competence pertaining to a variety of different safety standards.  These standards are critical to a personas ability to perform work in a way that ensures they, and everyone else present on the construction site around them remains in a safe environment.

It is extremely important that you study for the CSCS exam before you take it.  You will only be awarded the card you need to work within this industry once you have completed this test.  For this reason, it is extremely important that you study before you sit and take the test.

There are books available that you can buy in order to help you study for the CSCS exam.  However, most individuals obtain knowledge better when they use an interactive and engaging means of studying the information.  Training cd’s and YouTube videos are a good tool that you can use.  How you study is mostly up to your personal preference and style of learning.

However, the more you practice taking the test, the better your test taking skills will be.  That, combined with the repetitive action of learning the material, will help ensure that you are able to pass the test.  CSCS mock exams allow you to test what you have learned and ensure that you can pass the test with flying colours.

The more tests you take, the more prepared you will be when the time comes for you to finally sit for your exam.  There are numerous materials available to aid you, or anyone else working with United Kingdom’s construction industry, as you/they study for this exam.

Once you have completed the task of registering for the test, you should find a method of study that works for you and begins preparing as soon as possible.  Once you feel confident in your ability to pass an exam, take a few mock exams first in order to ensure that you are ready.  If you cannot pass the mock exams, you probably are not going to pass the real thing.

Truthfully, passing the CSCS test is the same as passing any other test you have ever taken.  You must study the topics that you have learned. Familiarise yourself with the information and bring it back into the forefront of your mind.  You can use videos, books, CDs, and practice tests to help you as your study.  Our mock exams, resources, and information are aimed at ensuring everyone has the confidence and information they need when test day arrives in order to successfully pass their CSCS test and obtain their card.