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Welcome to My goal when I was creating this website back in 2011 was to provide everyone looking to obtain a CSCS card and work on a construction site a free resource of information, revision and mock tests. I wanted to enable you to be able to pass without having to spend hundreds of pounds on test books and course from third-party providers. Which to be honest they will probably send you over to this website to practice!

Along with the practice exams you can take we have also got a lot of information about CSCS which will help you prepare and give you a better understanding of which card will be best for you.

All of the questions in our mock exams have been taken from real CSCS tests; this will give you a better understanding of the type of questions you will need to answer.

It is important that if you are aiming to take the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) test and gain your card that you can take as many CSCS card practice tests as possible. This enables you to get the feel of the types of questions you will be asked in the real exam.

The CSCS card test features a wide range of topics that you will need to answer; these are all types of questions that can relate to your health and safety at the workplace. If you have a good understanding of health and safety, then that is a real advantage when answering these questions.

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We have a great team behind us here that enables all the content on this website to have a great deal of research behind it before it is published. The site started in 2011 with only one guy writing it all. We now have 5 people writing, researching creating new tests for you.

Where It All Began

Founded by Ryan back in April of 2011, Construction Skills Test has come such a long way with over 30,000 (and rising) unique visitors each month looking to pass their exam. Since receiving this recognition, we have taken specific measures to ensure all our content is of the highest quality and suitable for our audience.

On the topic of the audience, 80% of all the traffic is from the UK. The other 20% is shared around the world.  We always want to hear from you on how we can improve our site so please get in touch here.