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CSCS card cost, money

One of the first questions people ask before applying for a CSCS card is how much is the CSCS going to cost?

The thing is, it isn’t that expensive at all; the cost of the CSCS card itself is only £36 and that includes the VAT. There are a few things that could raise the cost of acquiring your CSCS card, one is a mandatory part, and the other all depends on if you decide to use a third-party company to help you with the application process to obtain your CSCS card.

How much does a CSCS Card Cost?

Another cost to consider when applying is the cost of the Health, Safety and Environment Test, which you will need to take before you can sit the cscs exam. This is mandatory for anyone applying for their card. Do not fear, though; the price of this test is only £22, which is on top of the £36 mentioned above.

To put this in the simplest terms the minimum cost to you to obtain your CSCS card will be £58, that’s not too much in all fairness. This cost can be increased depending on if you decide to get help and support from a third party company if you are on a tight budget and you are not in a complete rush to acquire your card then it is best not to go with a third party company. You can get hold of a lot of revision material and mock tests for free online these days keeping the cost low.

More information on this factor can increase the final cost to you for your cscs card if you decide to use one of these third-party companies to book your test.

They are known to add additional cost, but there is a reason: to cover the cost of extra revision material and study guides but watch out for some companies as they will also charge you a booking fee for using their service.

For some people, this can be the preferred method because they will help you out every step of the way and be able to give you advice, so you do not feel alone in this task; they will be able to provide you with hints and tips on taking and passing the cscs test.

Replacement CSCS card

If something happens to your CSCS Card, for example, if it gets broken or stolen, it can become a big issue when you need your card daily. You will likely need to access the construction site you are working at

Lucky enough, replacing your lost CSCS card is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, though you will have to pay another £36 for a replacement card, if you need to replace your CSCS card, then the best thing to do is contact the CSCS contact centre on 0344 994 4777, and they will be able to help you out. They will ask you for some details, your National Insurance Number and your CSCS registration number, so make a note of these before you give them a call. The replacement card will have the same details, including the same expiry date.

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