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If you are looking to pass your cscs test then you will need to get some practice in before sitting the exam. We have put a full 50 question mock test online, these questions are such that you will find identical to the ones you will find in the real test. In this cscs mock test online you will find some basic question that if you work in the construction industry already will find a bit simple and easy but it is all good practice.

As you probably know already you will have to pass your Health Safety and Environment test, this will require you to have a basic understanding of various health and safety topics which we will cover all under our cscs revision section of this website.

Online CSCS Practice Test

1. Who should attend a site induction?

a. Everyone going to the site

b. Cleaners

c. Architects

d. Construction-related workers


2. How would you expect to find out about site health and safety rules when you first arrive on site?

a. By reading your employers health and safety polices

b. In a letter sent to your home

c. By asking others on a site

d. During site induction


3. The work of another contractor is affecting your safety. What should you do?

a. Speak to the contractor who is doing the job

b. Go home

c. Speak to your supervisor

d. Speak to your contractor’s supervisor


4. Who is responsible for reporting any unsafe conditions on a work site?

a. The site manager only

b. The client

c. Health and safety executive inspectors

d. Everyone on site


5. It is your employer’s legal responsibility to discuss matters of health and safety with you because?

a. It will mean that you will never have to attend any other health and safety training

b. You do not have any responsibility for health and safety.

c. they must inform you of things that will protect your health and safety

d. Have done so, your employer will not have any legal responsibility for your health and safety


6. During a site induction, which of the following two topics must be covered?

Please select all correct answers.

a. Where the cheapest car park is.

b. The site rules

c. Holiday dates.

d. The site emergency number

e. Information on local amenities


7. Which of the following should be included in a method statement?

Select 3 answers.

a. The materials, tools and equipment needed

b. The people involved and the level of competency and training required

c. The directions to the site

d. The risks you can take

e. The order and correct way the work should be done


8. During site induction, you do not understand something the presenter says, what should you do?

a. Guess what the presenter was trying to tell you

b. Wait until the end and ask someone to explain

c. Ask the presenter to explain the point again

d. Attend another site induction


9. You are about to start a job, how will you know if it needs a permit to work?

a. You don’t need to know, permits to work only affect managers

b. The health and safety executive (HSE) will tell you

c. Other workers will tell you

d. You will not be allowed to start the work until the permit to works has been issued


10. What is the most important reason for keeping your work area clean and tidy?

a. To recycle waste and help the environment

b. So that the waste skips can be emptied more often

c. To prevent slips, trips and falls

d. So that you don’t have a big clean up at the end of the week


11. Someone has collapsed with pains to their stomach, but there isn’t a first aider about, what should you do?

a. Give them some pain killers

b. Get them to sit down

c. Get them into the recovery position

d. Get somebody to call the emergency services


12. Early signs of Weil’s disease can be confused with?

a. Dermatitis

b. Hay Fever

c. Flu

d. Diabetes


13.  Now that work is moving along onsite, you feel the original induction rules have become dated, what should you do?

a. Ask your friends/ co-workers what they think

b. Nothing as you are not responsible for the health and safety

c. Have a word with your supervisor about your concerns

d. Make up your own safety regulations as you go


14. What are class 3 ladders suitable for?

a. Industrial and heavy duty use

b. Domestic use only

c. Both industrial and domestic

d. Building site use only


15. You find a ladder and it is damaged, what should you do?

a. Use the ladder but avoid the damaged part

b. Do not use the ladder and report the damage to others

c. Do not use the ladder and report the damage at the end of your shift

d. Try and mend the damage


1. a
2. d
3. c
4. d
5. c
6. b,d
7. a,b,e
8. c
9. d
10. c
11. d
12. c
13. c
14. b
15. b
Post a comment below and let us know how you get on. Good luck everyone in gaining their CSCS Card.

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