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Utilize our thorough mock test to begin preparing for your CITB SMSTS course assessment.
To give you a sense of what to expect while taking the course, this practice test has the same format as the actual one.

Please note that none of the questions listed below will appear in the actual tests; they are provided merely as examples of the kind of questions you might encounter in the real exam.

This SMSTS Mock test has 25 questions, all of which are multiple choice. Be aware that some questions will need more than one answer to pass; these questions are worth more points.

You will need to score a minimum of 26 points out of 32 to pass this mock test. That’s around 81%

CITB SMSTS Mock Test Questions

What equipment has PASMA training been designed for?
Give ONE Answer
What notices can the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issue?
Give ONE Answer
Identify two of the main requirements of the confined space Regulations.
Give All Correct Answers
What interval must a competent trained person inspect and sign off scaffolding as fit for use?
Give ONE Answer
What does exposure limit value (ELV) mean?
Give ONE Answer
What must be checked for before excavation work takes place?
Give ONE Answer
Which statement is true regarding accident investigation?
Give ONE Answer
When an excavation has been dug, what should be the first consideration?
Give ONE Answer
Identify the correct meaning to the two COSHH symbols shown here.
hazardous to the envirnment explosive
Give All Correct Answers
Identify two correct actions to take when the noise level reaches 85db
Give All Correct Answers
What are the benefits of worker engagement?
Give ONE Answer
Give the first two steps of the hierarchy of controls.
Give All Correct Answers
Who should carry out pre-use checks on plant and equipment?
Give ONE Answer
What type of accident goes in the accident book?
Give ONE Answer
What does exposure action value mean?
Give ONE Answer
16. Which regulation governs how construction projects of all sizes and types are planned in the UK?
Give ONE Answer
What happens when you carry out a risk assessment?
Give ONE Answer
What disease could you get from a needlestick injury?
Give ONE Answer
Where should you store compressed gas?
Give ONE Answer
Identify the three colours of the primary type of asbestos used in construction.
Give All Correct Answers
What must be the employer’s first action regarding working at height?
Give ONE Answer
What should happen to personal fall protection equipment after use?
Give ONE Answer
Who should you ask what the safe working distance from overhead services is?
Give ONE Answer
How can the risk of silicosis through breathing in concrete dust be minimised? Identify the two correct answers
Give All Correct Answers
Why is it important to recognise a fragile roof?
Give ONE Answer


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