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CSCS test centers

CSCS Card Test Centres

Here is an up to date list of all the locations of the CSCS Test Centres near you that you can book and take your CSCS Card exam. But it is always a good idea to visit the CSCS website and book online if you can, that way you will be 100% sure that you are visiting the closest CSCS test centre to your home or place of work.

CSCS Test Centre Locations In The UK

Are you looking to book your CSCS test? You can easily find the local test centre near you by using the list of hundreds of local CSCS test centres listed to the right hand side, these include addresses, phone numbers and a map with directions.

So how do I go about Booking my CSCS Card Test

If you are ready to book your CSCS exam at this test centre, you can either book online by clicking here, or you can book over the phone by calling 0344 994 4488.

What should I take with me to the CSCS exam?

It is of the highest importance’s that you bring photographic identification with you to the test centre, their rules dictate ” No ID, No Test!

Which forms of ID are accepted

The forms of ID’s that are accepted are ones with a photo, So a valid UK Photo card driving licence showing a photograph of yourself and your signature.

Also a passport – This will be accepted from any nationality which has both photo and signature.

Things you should do before sitting the CSCS test

It is very important you take your time to learn and revise as much as you can before sitting the exam. Take plenty of CSCS mock tests and practice exams before sitting your exam, plenty of mock exams can be found on YouTube. You can also purchase additional revision tools and materials online from retailers such as Amazon.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS aims to improve the level of competency among workers in the UK. Further, it also works on increasing the health and safety awareness among all workers to minimise the risks and fatalities in the sites.

The Health, Safety & Environment Test is one of the significant qualifications when applying under this scheme to ensure the promotion of a safe working environment. Once you passed the test, a CSCS card will be issued which corresponds to your occupation. This card will serve as proof of competence and all relevant qualifications that allow you access to the site.

How to book HS&E Test

Bookings can be done in three ways –

  • Online, as soon as you have registered your details; or
  • By phone, which you can call every Monday to Friday; or
  • By mail, by sending your application form through post.

Details of your test will be sent via email or through the post.

Where to take HS&E Test

The HS&E Test you will take must be given by a CITB approved centre. It can be through –

  • A fixed test centre operated by a delivery provider – When you register online to book the test, you can find a lot of accredited testing centres. At present, there are more than 150 testing centres to choose from, and you can opt for a centre near your place.
  • An independent Internet Test centre (ITC) – ITCs are operated by colleges, training providers or commercial organisations. When you decide to take the test on ITCs, contact them directly to book the HS&E test.
  • A corporate test event – If there are more than 16 individuals, the organisation can arrange a suitable location for the group when taking the test.

These are the options when taking the test. More importantly, make sure to book only at the accredited test centres.