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Safety Signs and Their Meanings – CSCS Revision Notes

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Safety is very important on construction sites, it is what will keep you and your co-workers alive. In this CSCS revision notes we will be looking into Health and Safety signs and what they mean, it is important that you know which each sign means and how to follow them. Health and Safety sign you will need to know for your CSCS test and split into  4 different colour categories, these are:

Green safety signs – Signs that are green are information signs or safe condition signs. These signs point out information such as emergency exits and the location of first aid.

Red safety signs – Sign’s that are Red on white are signs that mean that this is prohibited (Forbids and action), The most common sign for this is the no smoking sign.

White on Red Safety Signs – These signs are for Firefighting equipment, they will Identification and show the location.

Blue safety signs – If you see a Blue safety sign this means specific behaviour or action e.g. wearing personal protective equipment is mandatory.

Yellow safety signs – Yellow warning safety signs there is show you warnings or hazards, these signs indicate to be careful, take precautions or examine. Some common signs are a risk of electrocution signs.



Safety Sign

Safety Sign Meanings

  First Aid Kit Location
         First Aid – Wash your hand’s hygiene symbol sign
  Emergency exit sign
  Emergency Eyewash station sign

Emergency Safety Shower

  Fire assembly point safety sign
  There is no escape route
  No Mobile phone allowed
  Do not use, scaffolding not complete
  No smoking allowed
  No entry
  Fire Assembly Point location
  Fire hose reel location
  Fire alarm call point location
  Ear protection must be worn
  Safety Gloves must me worn
  Safety goggles or eye protection must be worn
  Mandatory sign
  Protective clothing must be worn
  Protective footwear must be worn
  Hard hat must be worn
  Hi-visibility clothing must be worn
  Warning forklift trucks sign
  Warning Sign
  Warning Laser hazard
  Risk of electrocution
  Danger fragile roof
  Fire warning

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