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White Yellow CSCS Card

White / Yellow CSCS Card: Professionally Qualified Person

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Obtaining a CSCS card was not mandated to be mandatory. However, most construction sites require the relevant CSCS card to all its workers as proof of skills and competence. At the same time, it shows that the individual is equipped with basic safety and health knowledge. Because of the many benefits the Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS bring, all workers are mandated by their employees to have a card so they can enter the construction site.

Apart from the labourers, skilled workers, supervisors and managers, there are other people who enter into the site that plays an important role in the planning or construction such as surveyors, engineers or architects. These individuals are called Professionally Qualified Person or PQP wherein they are no longer required to record how much time was spent on site. When you are a PQP, a white or yellow CSCS card will be issued to you in order to gain access to the site.

What is the white/yellow CSCS card for Professionally Qualified Person?

The white/yellow CSCS card is for the members of professional bodies that are affiliated with the CSCS scheme. Some of the professional bodies include:

  • Architects Registration Board
  • Chartered Institute of Building
  • Institute of Civil Engineering
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Association for Projects Safety
  • Energy Institute
  • Institute of Demolition Engineers
  • British Computer Society
  • Institution of Highways Engineers

How do I apply for a white or yellow CSCS card?

In applying for this particular card, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a member of any of the approved institutions that are affiliated with the scheme;
  2. Must be competency-assessed by one or more of the professional bodies;
  3. Must pass the Health, Safety & Environment test for Managerial and Professionals or MAP.

If you are able to meet all the of the requirements mentioned, you can obtain a white/yellow CSCS card for Professionally Qualified Person. Said card is valid for five years and can be renewed if the Professional Body Membership is endorsed.

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