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types of cscs cards

Types of CSCS Cards And Their Different Features

Since CSCS [Construction Skills Certification Scheme] card has become an entry ticket in the construction world of U.K. more people are moving towards getting this certification. This card acts as proof of his identity showing his competence in performing the job in a safe manner. Based on the calibres and the qualification of an individual one can apply for different cards. Mainly there are seven cards available showing the levels of experience to get the suitable job in the construction industry.

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme which is a construction worker’s “ticket” governed by a set of tests with basic questions that have to be answered properly in order to obtain a CSCS card. The card is proof of your identity and competence in performing your job in a safe way. In addition to this, your CSCS card also may consist of details showing any pertinent certifications or certificates.

Types of CSCS Cards

types of cscs cardsThere are twelve cards different types of CSCS card of 7 different colours revealing the qualification and skill. We have created an in-depth guide to each card and who it is for. They are as follows:

Click each card to be taken to a full breakdown of each card.

Green CSCS Card – LabourerCSCS green labourer card:
This card is for people who have basic site skills only. The individual applying for this card needs an employer’s recommendation.

blue cscs cardBlue CSCS Card – Skilled Worker:
This card can be given to a person completing an employer-sponsored apprenticeship or have SVQ OR NVQ level 2 along with a certificate from the City and Guilds of London Institute.

Gold CSCS Card – Skilled Worker:
This card can be owned by those skilled people only who have achieved an employer-sponsored apprenticeship or SVQ or an NVQ level 3along with an Advanced Craft Certificate from the City and Guilds of London Institute.

gold supervisory cardGold CSCS Card – Supervisor:
This card is for the people who have experience or involved in the supervisor occupation and have achieved the SVQ or NVQ level 3

black cscs cardBlack CSCS Card – Senior Manager:
The Black card is for those people who have manager and senior manager occupation and have achieved level 4 or 5 in site management.

Yellow/White – Professionally Qualified Person CSCS Card:
The PQP card is for professionals who look after health and safety responsibilities such as Client Architects, Engineers, Consultants and Surveyors.

White CSCS card Construction related cardWhite CSCS Card – Construction Related Occupation (CRO):
This card shows the occupation of the card holder. This card is mainly for the people who have construction-related occupations which are not covered by the other categories of cards.

cscs yellow cardYellow CSCS Card – Regular Visitor:
The yellow Regular Visitor Card is for those people who do visit a construction site, but they don’t have any construction ‘site’ skill.

red apprentice cscs cardRed CSCS Card – Trainee:
This card is mainly for the people who have not achieved the SVQ or NVQ level 2 or 3 or for those who have registered in some college for the construction related qualification.

Red Card – Graduate (Technical, Supervisory and Management):
This card is for those who have completed qualification related to construction from a nationally recognised education college. This card is valid for three years.

Red Card – Experienced (Technical, Supervisory and Management):
This card is available to everyone who has relevant job experience of at least one year. After achieving NVQ or SVQ, the card is issued on a temporary basis. This card is also valid for three years.

Red experienced cscs cardRed Card – Experienced Worker:
This card is only for the employee with one year of experience and received the NSQ or SVQ. This card has the validity of one year only. To get these cards, one will have to appear for the CSCS test which will be containing 35 questions in the time limit of45 minutes.

What Is CSCS?

The CSCS is the leading skill certification scheme in the UK construction industry.  Its purpose is to define certain requirements that individuals within the profession have to meet.  This allows any person to assess the skills and ability of a potential employee.  It also allows for the company hiring a person to know that their employee meets a certain skillset before hiring.  This provides the company with a bit of security and ensures that the employee can get jobs based on their skill level.  The CSCS is a not-for-profit limited company.  The Schemes are developed under contract with the CITB.  One major way that the skillsets of employees are shown is through the CSCS cards.

What Are CSCS Cards?

CSCS stands for Construction Skills-Certification Scheme.  How are CSCS cards different than other forms of identification?  What helps to set CSCS cards apart is that they fulfil a number of requirements necessary for a business environment.  They act as a certification of the cardholder’s identity.  They are a certification of the qualifications of the car holder.  Finally, they are a certification of the cardholder’s training.

Why get CSCS related cards?  Well, CSCS cards can allow you to show employers that you possess the correct identification and skillset to get the job done.  In many contexts and trade professions the CSCS identification is required.  This is especially true on construction sites.  Be aware that most workers will have to have CSCS identification when on the construction site.  Be aware that CSCS identification is not a passport, competency card, guarantee of cardholder’s competence, a health and safety card, a card for off-site employees, or a certification of the cardholder’s fitness to work.  If you need any additional information on CSCS cards, then look at their website.  In addition, contact them with a request if something is unclear or you believe you meet the qualifications for a particular card even though you do not have a certification requirement that is listed.

As is presently available, CSCS identification plays a specific role in business.  Providing the correct identification when on the job, having CSCS identification is the best way to identify who you are and what qualification you are allowed to express in the workplace.  Along with being inexpensive, they can be acquired for a number of different professions and sub groups.  Below we go into 16 different sub-sections of CSCS cards to give you a better idea of what is out there.

What are the different Colours of CSCS Cards for?

In total, there are 7 different colours for the CSCS Cards, each denoting a various level of experience, here is a quick breakdown of each one:

  • Yellow card: Visitors without any real building skills.
    Environment-friendly: General building employees.
  • Blue card: Skilled craft employees.
  • Gold card: Employees in an advanced supervisory role.
  • Red card: Trainees, graduates, experienced employees or supervisors.
  • Black card: Managers.
  • Green card: Labourer, formally Construction Site Operative
  • White card: Occupations connected to the building market that is not covered by the other cards.

Each CSCS card has its own function.

To get a CSCS card for your profession, you need to pass the CSCS test. This test is made from about 35 concerns including numerous choices. These are shown on a touch screen computer, and an applicant is provided about 45 minutes to finish the test.

To get a Gold Supervisors card, there is a different wellness and safety test that you must pass and complete. Typically this test consists of 50 questions with selections to choose from and 45 minutes are offered to complete it. This test concentrates on the obligations of a supervisor, his/her role on a construction website and associated wellness and safety circumstances.

To acquire a Black card, there is likewise a various test that candidates should finish and pass. Similar to the Gold Supervisors CSCS test there are 50 questions to respond to in approximately 45 minutes. The Black card test concentrates on the function of a manager within the building sector and questions centre around this and related health and security problems.

Cost of the CSCS Tests

One of the finest things about the CSCS test is the affordability. You can declare your card for just £30 consisting of VAT. In truth, you could be fortunate enough to have a business that spends for the cost of the card. You need to also pay £19.50 for the Health, Safety and Environment Test.

Taking The CSCS Test

CSCS mock test centersYou will have 45 minutes to finish the test, and you must try and answer as lots of questions as possible. As we have already discussed, your test depends on the colour of CSCS Card you are using for.

Studying For The CSCS Test

It would be a severe mistake not to approach the CSCS test in an expert manner. You can still avail of the old test books however there is likewise the option of discovering utilizing training CDs and taking mock exams on this page.

If you don’t pass the CSCS test and receive your card, you can virtually ignore getting a job on a UK construction site. The card is seen as evidence that you have the proper level of health and safety training, and without it, construction companies will be reluctant to take a possibility since they can ill-afford to have workers that are not correctly trained.

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme which is a builders “ticket” governed by a set of tests with basic concerns that requires being answered correctly to acquire a CSCS card. In order to get a card for your occupation, you have to pass the CSCS test. In order to acquire a Gold Supervisors CSCS card, there is a different wellness and security test that one must complete and pass. To get a Black card, there is likewise a various test that candidates have to pass and complete. The Black card test focuses on the function of a manager within the construction sector and questions centre around this and related wellness and security concerns.

different types of cscs cardsIf you still need help finding the right card for your skills then check out this card finder link here, and it will help you decided which test you will need to sit.

To work on a construction site, you must hold a Valid CSCS card in the UK. The card earns you recognition. It serves as a proof of your abilities and knowledge about the particular job. Your productivity level is longer questioned after you display the card to your client. With a vision of helping in improving the building construction standards, the card was first introduced in 1995.

The key idea of introducing the card was to minimise the chances of accidents and associated problems that take place in the construction industry, by hiring only skilled professions. The card provided by the health and safety training department, therefore, helps in hiring only skilled professionals who assure quality performance without causing any damage.
Holding a CSCS card ensures your competencies and productivity and well as your dedication towards the performance of the duties towards the client. He will never question your credibility after seeing the card.

Tips for applying for the CSCS card

In order to get the CSCS card for your career growth, quickly download the form from the website.
•    First, you have to identify the need for the card and then choose the title. You have to select from the 3 different application forms and then download it on your system.
•    You may choose the Craft & Operative Application form. The best thing about this form is that anyone attached to the construction work is eligible for applying for the particular card.
•    Those who are professionally qualified may select the application form for the Supervisor, Manager or Technical person.
•    You must have the required training and have cleared the Construction skills, health and safety test to apply for the desired card.

Understand the CSCS test

The CSCS test is an online test which you have to appear from your PC. Depending on the level of your education qualification you have to select the area and then appear for the PC based test. For example, if you wish to work as a Building site supervisor, you must pass the Supervisor exam.
Thus, depending on the nature of your profile or qualification, you can apply for the card and then demonstrate your competencies in the industry.

Where Does That Leave Us?

As it can be seen, there is a wide range of positions that an individual on the job site can fulfil.  The CSCS card system is designed to help delineate the responsibility of individuals and ensure that any person with a job title has the pre-requisite training.  If you are interested in getting one of these cards yourself, then head over to the CSCS website.  There even more information on how to qualify for the cards as well as places to take the necessary coursework and pass the necessary tests.

Advancing your career in manufacturing and construction means building the skillset that will see you as an authority in the workplace.  Best of luck as you continue your education and training.