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This test called the CITB Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites or the TBNNBS test was created to ensure the proper training of candidates so that they have accurate understanding and comprehension of the main components in the construction sites and new nuclear power station sites.

About the Triple Bar Test

The tests will last 30 minutes and will contain 27 multiple choice questions. It costs  £17.50 and there are also vouchers that could be bought beforehand and it could be used to pay for the test.

What is the purpose of the Triple Bare test?

The test was developed for those individuals who want to advance their work in nuclear new build sites. It is necessary to show that individuals have the knowledge regarding the main aims and objectives set out in the training before going onto the site. This test and training is necessary for all who will be working on the site.

Test Preparations

The best method to prepare for the test is completing the online e-learning training guide. The training material should be finished at least 3 days before taking the actual exam. The training includes a half day training session that will be shown in three modules the will help with the knowledge needed for the test. The modules are:

  • Basic Common Induction (BCI)
  • Basic Nuclear Industry in Context (BNIC)
  • Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviours (BNIB)

The training will mainly focus on fundamental levels for compliance, nuclear awareness and behaviours in the industry. It will also highlight the nuclear power generation for those involved in construction and commissioning so they could help follow the necessary procedures and guidelines while at the site.

How can a Triple Bar test be booked?


Booking the test can be done over the telephone and also on the internet. Once you have booked, you will then be given the date and time of your test and the details of your test will be sent out by email or through a post. You can also ask to receive an SMS notification or email 24 hours before your said test.


Group booking is also available for those who have three candidates that can be paid in a single transaction. This could be done over the phone and could be paid through credit card, debit card, check, BACs and vouchers. Once the booking is complete, they will all receive confirmation of the booking by email with the details of their test. They will also receive an email or SMS reminder, if requested, 24 hours before the test.

Where can I take the test?

You first have to go to a CITB approved centre for the TBNNBS test and there are three different kinds to choose from:

  1. A test centre operated by the delivery provider – you can find the nearest location when you register online
  2. Independent Internet Test Centre or ITC –these are operated by training providers, colleges or commercial organizations
  3. Corporate testing unit –this could be arranged at suitable locations for a group of candidates


How to cancel or reschedule the test?


It is possible to cancel or reschedule a test online and also by calling the booking line at least 72 hours (three working days) before your scheduled test, otherwise the fee that you paid will be lost.


Corporate test events


This is a unique Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test session which is requested by specific organisations for predetermined number of candidates to be taken at a specific date and location.


The test session could be delivered in various ways which depends on the most suitable or appropriate method. All the appointments that are arranged that meet the requirements of the customer, specifically at the location and delivery method. There should be a minimum of 16 candidates to help the corporate event and all the tests are paid for during on transaction. The payment method could be through credit card of debit card, check, BACS or could be charged to your CITB credit account if you have one.


Before and During the Test


During the test, you will have a total of 30 minutes to answer 27 multiple-choice questions. There is 30 marks maximum available for the TBNNBS test so you have to make sure to complete all 27 questions give to you. Including those questions which may require more than one answer.


It is a computer-based test and you will need to click on the relevant answers by touching the screen or using a mouse. There will be a tutorial before the actual test that will explain how everything will work and allows you to try out the buttons and the computer.


Make sure to do the following before going to the test centre:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier
  • Bring the confirmation email or letter
  • Bring an ID that includes a photo, full name and signature

If you do not have a valid ID, you can utilize the Identification Waiver Form. When you arrive at the testing centre, the staff will check all your documents to see if you are legible to take the test. Make sure you bring everything that is necessary because if you do not, you will not be able to take the test and you will also lose the fee that you paid for.

The multiple-choice questions will be based on the nuclear training and e-learning material that was available for you.


After the CITB Triple Bar Test

            After you finish the test, there is a survey that will appear which is optional. It gives you the chance to provide feedback about the testing process and your experience with it. There will be a  score report that will be printed out after your test to let you know if you passed or failed. It will also give you feedback on the areas that you might need to focus on.


The importance of the TBNNBS

This test is important to pass because it is a vital step towards working in a nuclear new build site. There will also be other training that will be required of you to get you ready for the site.

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