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The CSCS Card, Where You Can Apply For One

In the year 1995 the CSCS card was meant to take safety measures on the work site and now with its excellent result in the last few years it has now become compulsory to have a CSCS card to work in a construction site. To get your CSCS card you need to be a little familiar with the process of getting it. The first thing that one should know before applying to get the CSCS Card is you need to know the right type of card that suites you the most. The cards would be issued according to the type of the job you have experience in or you qualify for. The proper card would depend on the job place that you hold. For example green cards are made for the normal site operatives, because for the managers and other skilled workers will have cards of different color.
There are two options available for applicants from where one can apply for their CSCS card. They are as follows.

Using A third-party

To get the CSCS card the first option is the third-party companies. These third-party companies offer advice as well as support in the process of applying for the CSCS card. They offer their services to anyone working in the field of construction irrespective of whether you are new to the industry or have experience. They have vast experience in this field and are very familiar to the procedure. This third party companies will guide you through the application process including a hand in filling of the application forms for the CSCS card. Making use of third-party companies is an easy option for people who do not have time to sort out the entire procedure on their own. These third parties charged for these services and the cost will vary from company to company as every organisation charges their services differently. Thus before selecting the third-party company ensures that you know what the overall cost will be as well as the scope of services that they will offer you.

Call an agent

The second option is by contacting an agent. Here you will have to call an agent and provide him your personal information like your name, date of birth, address, National Insurance Number, information regarding the current job experience if any etc. The agent will then help you to analyse you your current position in the construction industry. This will help you to figure out what type of CSCS card would be best suited for your needs. The agent will tell which CSCS Test needs to be schedule, if any additional training is required or documentation which has to be submitted with the application form etc.

Online Application for CSCS Card

There are lots of sites on the internet where one can look for filling online form for CSCS card. That form requires a little personal information about you. Also there are 4 different application forms which need to be filled with correct information as they are job role specific. You can download a application form here.