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Red CSCS Card: Graduate

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Although not a mandatory requirement, more than 80% of the construction companies in the UK require its workers to obtain a CSCS card that is corresponding to their occupation. The CSCS card acts as proof of competence and at the same time, shows that the workers are equipped with the basic health and safety issues while inside the construction site.

If you are still undergoing training for technical, supervisory and management occupation, you will be issued a Red CSCS Graduate card.

The Red CSCS Graduate Card

This card can only be obtained if you have completed and can provide evidence of your nationally recognised construction related qualification from a further / higher education college or university. This construction related degree does not necessarily mean you need to operate while on site. Nonetheless, you are still required to take and pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test for Managers and Professionals.

Once you passed the HS&E Test, you will be issued the red CSCS card. However, there is no occupation or qualifications written at the back of the card since it aims to show your general understanding and competence on operational practices and precautions while on site.

The Graduate Card is valid for three years and can be renewed for another three years upon application.

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