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Passing the CSCS Test

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Aside from your skills, one of the major requirements for obtaining a CSCS Card is by passing the CSCS Test. The CSCS Test, also known as the Health, Safety and Environment Test, is a standardised test aimed at improving the efficiency in the construction field. It also equips workers with the basic knowledge on safety and health issues in order to create a safe working environment.

 Tips in Passing the CSCS Test

It will only take you 45 minutes or less to answer the 50 multiple choice questions. A grade of 47 must be obtained in order to pass and eventually be issued a CSCS Card depending on your occupation. That being said, here are tips that will help you pass the test.


  1. Gather relevant revision materials or books related to health, safety and environment. There are a lot of reference materials such as Question and Answer books, DVDs, supporting publications or mobile applications available and can be downloaded online. There are also a lot of sample exam questions online which you can use and download. Maximise the power of Internet and utilise those resources. However, just make sure you are using the appropriate materials for your occupation and qualifications. The revision materials for operatives and specialists are different from that of the managers and professionals.


  1. Watch videos on training techniques. Aside from the sample questions, there are also a lot of videos that is focused on sharing techniques on how to answer a particular question.


  1. Watch the Setting Out film. The Setting Out film is a free video presentation that talks about the different safety measures needed in the construction site. It also provides tips on how to promote a safer working environment. Take note that 12 questions will be based on this video so watching it is a must.


  1. Enrol in training courses. In order to increase your chances of passing, completing an appropriate training course depending on your skill level will help. Each occupation has a corresponding training course so contact your industry body for recommendations.


  1. Answer a mock test. Answering a mock examination will be beneficial and helpful in order for you to pass. There are a lot of mock exam websites available on the Internet that has updated questions and colour-coded scenarios depending on your occupation. Such questions are derived from actual scenarios from the official book. By answering a mock test, it will give you a feeling as if you’re already taking the test. Plus, you will be able to gauge whether you are ready for the test or not yet.


  1. Get a good night sleep the night before your exam and arrive early the following day. Having a well-rested mind will help you answer the test correctly. At the same time, arriving early, at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time, will help you prepare mentally and emotionally.


The CSCS Test is not designed to make your life difficult. But by doing these tips, you will surely pass the exam and get the CSCS card you rightfully deserve.

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  1. michael finn says:

    im doing my gold advanced craft cscs on tuesday iv been revising everything but cant get an answer on which questions i should be answering operative or supervisor /manager please advise

    • admin says:

      For Advanced Craft occupations you should take the Operative or the Specialist test depending what your occupation is