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CSCS, standing for Construction skill and certification scheme, is a totally new concept that has evolved to avoid the daily occurring deadly accidents raising an alarming condition at the construction sites. These accidents are mainly occurred due to the falling of the buildings, bridges, malfunctioning of heavy machines and many others. These not only create harm to the human lives but also hugely affect the money and time as well, invested on the construction processes and works. It has now become an emergency to take steps for reducing these accidents and hence, the CSCS cards have come up now and have almost freed the fear of the people who are interested in hiring people, experienced in the works of the construction fields, for the specific construction projects, but put their steps back because of the misfortunes and the life threatening incidents occurring very often in this field.

The processes involved

The CSCS test follows a fully systematic process. Firstly, the CSCS test is held, followed by the receiving of the CSCS card according to the performance and marks gained in the test. There are many CSCS cards carrying different grades which are offered according to the work fields they are in, the work experience, the competitions etc. The cards act as certificates which develop skills and ensures excellence of the workers in the work fields as well as the sufficient knowledge about the safety measures at the sites of construction.

Role of the internet

One can easily gloss over the internet to get relevant information about any doubt or confusion and even enhance the knowledge about any of the schemes and choosing the best options, according to the needs and choices. Huge numbers of websites are available nowadays containing right information about the specific fields.  So, a worker or an engineer can surely refer to these to meet the required goals in these construction aspects.

The CSCS cards are the best means to meet success as the owner of the card gets the chances of attaining success in the work fields very high, because of the enhanced skills as well as intelligence. These cards even increase the demands of the workers due of the competition in the market, about the occupation. However, achieving these cards is not a very tough job. Sitting in any corner of the world, one can easily get through this by the help of the companies arranging the tests worldwide and providing the CSCS cards. These companies not only aid the people to meet the desired cards but also help in gaining a huge success in the particular fields.

cscs worker on cherry pickerIn U K, it is compulsory to have a CSCS card in order to get a job at construction companies and hold responsible positions at the working sites. Most professionals seeking to obtain the card after passing the test are not aware of the rules and the procedures necessary to follow in order to obtain the certificate in a less time in order to get employed with construction companies. This test has been running for the past many years it is designed to test the competence of on-site worker and provide them with the necessary understanding of health and safety required in the workplace. These are the steps on how to get the CSCS card.

The Steps to follow

1st step:

Firstly you need to understand what type of card is suitable for you on the basis of your qualification and skill or if you have past experience if any on the fields related to construction. For instance say yellow card is for the professionally qualified person, green card is for the person who has basic knowledge of the on site work etc. There are twelve cards in total you will have to choose the card that suits you according to your skill and experience.

2nd Step:

Secondly you need to fill up the form for the CSCS test and book your date for the test as well as the test center according to the convenience of the person. There are many companies which are authorised to conduct these tests and offer these cards. The best thing about these companies are they provide study material, revision material and mock tests which helps in preparing you for the test.

3rd Step:

Then you will have to appear for the CSCS test which is consisting of two tests i.e. Construction Skills and Safety test and CSCS test itself. The CSCS test is a standardised test that was made by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme for improving the efficiency in the field of construction in the United Kingdom. The test is consisting of 50 questions with multiple choices of answers to be resolved within the time limit of 45 minutes. The length and content of the test vary depending upon the level of card you are applying for. These questions are prepared with the aim to test the skills of the person in the field and his knowledge about safety, health, and environment of the place where he works. Clearing up the CSCS test is necessary to get hold of CSCS card.

4th Step:

After giving the test you will have to apply for the card. For the getting the cards you will need proof of practical competence, which means having an SVQ or NVQ.
Once you have cleared the test and provided the SQV OR NVQ you will get the card issued by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited within 3-4 weeks.
The people with these cards are in demand among companies who looking for hiring competence workers for their work. It is among the best way of gaining success in your life.

Many companies give the cards after some training programs. The main aim of these programs is to deliver the relevant knowledge to the people about the security and safety measure one should follow while working at the sites. Hence, obtaining a CSCS card is an essential option for the workers at the construction sites as it proves to be the most proficient proof in this particular field.

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  • john
    December 12, 2015 / 7 years ago

    This site is educative

  • David Griffiths
    August 2, 2020 / 2 years ago

    Just wondering if you can help.
    I have city and guilds indentured apprentice toolmaker 205 part 3 and eitb plus a qualification in health and safety.
    Application for a fitter position requiring a CSCS card.
    What course and Cscs card do I require.
    Thanks in advance
    Regards David

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