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Utilities Engineering

Have you ever thought about living a life without light, water or gas? It may seem like a simple life but we have to admit that it is going to be a difficult one. We have to go through a lot of process in order to produce something instead of doing it in just one […]

Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competence Scheme

Imagine going inside a retail store, trying to look for a dress to wear in a party. However, everything else is cluttered, the clothes are piling up and you can’t find where the dress racks are located. And when you finally find the perfect dress, you can’t find the fitting rooms. Instead of buying what […]

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme

Every time you pass by a construction site, you will notice temporary structures hanging around. This is called scaffolding or the temporary foundation used to support workers and construction materials. Usually, scaffolding is a system of metal pipes, tubes, boards or bamboos giving workers a safe place to work on.   Scaffolding is used by […]

CITB Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites Test

CITB Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites Test

This test called the CITB Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites or the TBNNBS test was created to ensure the proper training of candidates so that they have accurate understanding and comprehension of the main components in the construction sites and new nuclear power station sites. About the Triple Bar Test The tests will last […]