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Why Do I Need To Take the CSCS Test

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Take the CSCS Test 

Being part of the construction industry means you achieved a certain level of qualification needed for the trade you belong to. Imagine if everything the public step on is made of incompetent and unskilled people – they will no longer trust the construction industry. Therefore, it is important that all workers in this field are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in properly carrying out the job.
There is no better way of doing this than requiring workers to undergo tests. One major test that each worker in the industry is required to take is the CSCS Test, also known as the Health, Safety & Environment Test. Introduced in 1995, the CSCS Test is a standardised test that aims to improve the efficiency in the construction industry in the UK.

You may ask – is it really necessary? Is there a need to pay for £19.50 for the test and £30.00 for the card just to prove my competency in my chosen field? Why do I have to take the CSCS Test when I am already knowledgeable on various health and safety issues?

To answer your questions, here are the reasons why you need to take the CSCS Test.

  1. It proves your knowledge in handling health and safety issues. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme was introduced in order to address the need for quality, competence and safety in the work field. Aside from getting the job done, employers want to make sure that all its workers are equipped with adequate health and safety awareness and techniques to promote a safe working environment.

By taking the test, it only shows that you are adequately fit to carry out safe working practices. It also proves your knowledge in case confronted with health or safety situations and emergencies properly.

The CSCS test is composed of 50 multiple choice questions that are focused on examining one’s knowledge on various safety, health and environmental issues in the construction site. Once you passed the test, you will be issued a corresponding card depending on your skills and occupation.

  1. It benefits you, your employer and the construction industry. Taking and passing the test has a lot of benefits. Aside from getting the CSCS card which will serve as proof of your skills and qualifications, it also shows you possess health and safety knowledge essential in carrying out on-site duties in a safe manner. Since you and your co-workers went through the same process in taking the test, you are assured of a safer work environment.

Taking the CSCS Test will also benefit your employer. The construction industry is an important industry hence employers want to employ only the best. By taking and passing the CSCS Test, it shows you are suitable and competent to carry out the job.

And because of the different health and safety benefits that resulted from the scheme, the number of fatalities and construction-related risks has reduced significantly. This resulted in confidence in the quality of workmanship.  

  1. It is your passport to employment. While the law does not require all workers to obtain a card, the majority of companies in the UK has made it mandatory for those working or planning to work in the construction industry. Employers are more confident and more willing to hire applicants that are CSCS card holders than those who cannot provide proof of their skills and qualifications. By taking and passing the CSCS Test, it assures the employers that the CSCS cardholders have the basic knowledge needed in order to carry out safe working practices.

Plus, you cannot access the construction site without taking and passing the CSCS Test.

Keep in mind that taking the CSCS Test is not an easy task. Therefore, preparation is necessary in order to obtain the card you deserve.

Another Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a CSCS Card

The construction industry is one, if not the most important industry in the society today. Without them, no one will construct the buildings, roads and highways and other concrete and stable foundations needed in everyday life. Because it plays an important role, it only follows that its workers should be skilled and competent enough to fulfil the needs of the public.

Hence, the CSCS or Construction Skills and Certification Scheme was introduced. It aims to improve every worker’s competency and efficiency on site at the same time, reduce the number fatalities associated with the construction industry.

Since its introduction in 1995, CSCS has become the largest scheme in the construction industry, covering a total of 220 occupations. Because of the many benefits it brings, the majority of the construction companies decided to make CSCS Card a mandatory requirement.

Obtaining a CSCS card may take some time.

Nonetheless, here are five reasons why you need a CSCS Card and how it can benefit you.

  1. It serves as proof of your skills, certifications, and achievements. Telling an employer that you have this set of skills and has achieved that certifications are easy. However, employers are always after proof. By having a CSCS Card, it is easier to prove your skills and competency in carrying out the job required for your trade. Plus, it is easier to check your set of skills and qualifications since all the information is recorded in a database.
  2. It proves your health, safety and environmental awareness. Health and safety has become a major concern in the construction industry. Prior to the introduction of the scheme, the number of casualties in the site has increased drastically. There are a lot of reported accidents and other fatalities because workers are not properly equipped with the basic health and safety knowledge. With the introduction of the scheme, all workers are required to take and pass the health and safety test. This is to ensure that every individual working in the field can properly respond when confronted with health or safety issues on the site.
  3. It allows you to work on the construction sites. 80% of the construction companies in the United Kingdom require its workers to be CSCS cardholder. Because of the risks associated with the job and the need to provide quality output for the public, the CSCS card has become a mandatory requirement. In fact, it will be difficult for you to get a job or even enter the construction site without presenting the card.
  4. It serves as an identification tool. Imagine carrying different identification cards just to prove you hold this particular skill or qualification. It’s really inconvenient. If you get a CSCS card, it serves a dual purpose since it contains all your qualifications as well as your relevant personal information. It will also be easier for your employer to check your records since all the information can be found on just one card.
  5. It helps improve the relationship among co-workers. A good working relationship with your co-workers is very important in order to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the site. Since you and your colleagues went through the same process, you have a better appreciation of what was needed in order to pass. This, in return, will make you feel more comfortable working with your colleagues.

It only takes £49.50 in order to get this card – £19.50 for payment of the Health, Safety and Environmental Test, and £30.00 for the card. While this amount may seem a lot, imagine the benefits, experiences and return you may gain as you grow in the construction industry.

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  1. thanks for the mock test mate iv allready got a iosh in health and saftey with sita suez and part 1 and part 2 i did these at dorking head office sita suez my instrusters name is frank . i passed in 2009 i am a top london labour from skip yards brixton ,wansworth road. mitcham skipyards/ i can drive a loading shovel /and salvage and sort wood and metal ect from 200 tons builders skips every day . im 50 years old .