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Gold CSCS Card: Advanced Craft / Supervisory

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Working in the construction industry allows you to gain more skills and qualifications. Even if you are a labourer when you first started, that does not mean you will be one for the rest of your life. In fact, the construction industry has devised various schemes to improve the skills and provide additional knowledge for competency among workers.

The biggest scheme in the construction industry is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS. It provides training programs to determine your skills and exams for additional knowledge, especially in health and safety concerns. Thereafter, a  corresponding card will be issued depending on your skill level. Or if you acquired additional skills or qualifications or achieved a higher NVQ or SVQ level, the card corresponding to it will be issued.
If you are a supervisor or a skilled worker with higher qualifications, then you can apply for a Gold CSCS Card.

How can I qualify for the gold card?

If you have achieved any of the following qualifications, you may apply for a gold CSCS card.

  • A level 3 NVQ or SVQ; or
  • A completed an indentured apprenticeship with NJCBI, BATJIC or other certified organisations of the same class; or
  • A completed employer-sponsored apprenticeship including the achievement of a City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Craft Certificate.

If you have any of the following, you may submit the relevant CSCS application form according to your skill.

Gold CSCS Card: Advanced Craft

Any of the following qualifications you have may qualify you for the gold card. Consequently, you also need to pass the Operative or Specialist Health, Safety & Environment Test depending on your occupation.

Gold CSCS Card: Supervisor

A level 3 NVQ or SVQ can already allow you to apply for the gold card as long as you perform supervisorial work on the site. Also, you need to pass the Health, Safety and Environment Test for Supervisors.

Gold CSCS cards are valid for five years. A fee of £17.50 for the HS&E Test and £30.00 for the card must be paid in order to process the application.

Other CSCS Card Types

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  1. Anthony says:

    I’m a nvq level 3 bricklayer do I need the map test?

  2. Sean Hand says:

    i have a skilled cscs blue card and sssts card also have naswra card and looking to obtain gold cscs card how do i go about getting gold cert

  3. Hi I have a gold cscs advanced skills can I use that as a stepping stone to the black cscs?