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CSCS Test Information

20 years ago, accidents, injuries and deaths are common in a construction site. Workers care less about their safety and health as long as they get the job done as fast as possible. Because of the increasing number of construction-related risks, a scheme was introduced to address this issue. Said scheme is called Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS.

What is the CSCS Test?

CSCS is the leading competency card scheme that is recognised in the UK. It was introduced in 1995 to improve the quality of work among all workers in the construction industry. At the same time, it aims to equip workers with the basic knowledge on health, safety and environmental issues in order to minimise construction accidents and risks.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The scheme provides CSCS cardholders with a consistent method to check on their skills and competency before giving them access to the site. And since its introduction, the risks involved in the construction industry significantly reduced.

Because of this, the majority of construction companies in the UK require its workers to obtain a relevant CSCS card. This card confirms achievements and qualifications and at the same time, ensures safety and health awareness among workers to minimise risks.

It also improves onsite productivity while assuring the public that only the best and competent workers are employed.

How to apply for CSCS?

In order to qualify for the CSCS card, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Must demonstrate qualifications needed for your occupation.
  2. Must submit a CSCS Application Form. Take note that there is a different kind of application forms depending on your relevant skills and occupation.
  3. Must pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test. This is a 50 multiple choice question cscs test where applicants are required to get a grade of 47 in order to pass. The test aims to examine your awareness on health and safety issues when confronted by different hazards in the construction site.
  4. Must pay the corresponding fees of £19.50 for the HS&E Test and £30.00 for the card.

Once you passed the HS&E Test, a corresponding card will be issued which will contain your skills, qualifications, certifications, competency and awareness in health, safety and environmental issues.

Take note that there are different cards depending on the skill and trade you belong. Aside from passing the HS&E Test, there are other qualifications that need to be met such as achieving a certain level in NVQ/SVQ.

Why is there a need to obtain a CSCS Card? 

Because of the benefits it brings, obtaining a CSCS card has become a mandatory requirement for the majority of the construction industries. Aside from acting as a proof of all the relevant certifications, achievements and qualifications, the CSCS Card proves health and safety awareness that makes you fit to work in the industry. Further, the card can be used for identification purposes.

Since it has become a mandatory requirement, most sites will not allow anyone to enter without showing the card.

How did CSCS help the construction industry?

The most important contribution of this scheme is significantly reducing the number of accidents, injuries, deaths and other fatalities in the site. Workers are now equipped with the basic knowledge to ensure safety on the site. Since it was first introduced in 1995, the number of fatalities in the construction site as of the year 2012 is now at 173. This figure is lower compared 20 years ago.

Also, the scheme keeps a database of all the qualified workers for each field. Therefore, it is easier to check whether the individual is skilled or not.