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The CSCS smartcard and its various uses- an overview

400px-Construction_workers_working_on_floodplain_overflow_constructionCSCS or the construction skills certification scheme is the mostly used competence card scheme in the construction industry. It was first introduced in 1995. The scheme was typically developed to meet the forever changing demands of the domain. Today there are about 1.8 million CSCS card holders in the UK.
When you decide to join an industry, you are expected to work in a said environment and fulfil certain expectations of the industry. The scheme helps in demonstrating clearly that you have successfully attained the necessary level of occupational competence and it suitable for this job. Today both the clients and the company check the card before hiring a staff to work in the particular site.

Understand the CSCS smartcard

Besides the regular CSCS card, today we have Smartcards with additional benefits. These Smartcards are fitted with a microchip to store data and information detail properly. A company or a site manager may invest in an inexpensive card-reader and check the details mentioned on the card. This will help in identifying fake cardholders if any. The smart card can be accessed with the help on the mobile apps from any Smartphone. Thus, do not panic on the validation of the information mentioned on the card. You can use a card reader and check the data. Thus, smart cards are a smart way to get and entry in the construction field.

CSCS cards in detail

Today there are 11 types of CSCS cards available for the real estate service providers.  Some prominent types are Green for the construction site operative, Blue for the skilled worker, Red card for those wished to join after completing Graduation, Red card for experienced worker, Yellow card for construction site visitor, Gold card for advanced craft, red card for the trainee, white/yellow card for professionally qualified ones, Black card for all managers and those in the management level, White/Grey card for those who are into construction related activities and Red card for experienced technical person or supervisor or managers.

Utility of the CSCS smartcard

It is a simple way of proving your competence in the construction world for last 15 years. Now with the help of the recent Smartcard, checking the authenticity of the card holder became easy. Now anyone can virtually check the information mentioned on the card before hiring the worker and save time and money for the firm. With the help of the microchip of the CSCS smartcard anyone can go through the data and read it. You cannot modify the information present on the memory card. It allows the reader to view the information if and when there is a doubt about the credibility of the worker. So, just get the inexpensive card reader and install the software to check the details comfortably.

Anyone attached to the construction industry, working or supervising the site is expected to show the card to the client to confirm that he is fit to perform the desired job. Those who do not have the card may face rejection from the authorities. So, apply and get the card today to enjoy a smart entry in the construction industry.