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CSCS Mock Tests

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It is very important that you practice taking some mock tests before you go in for the real exam, we have create some cscs test questions which are going to be like the ones you will take. Go through the test questions and note down your answers for each one. You will then get the answers at the bottom of this page.

This questions might seem straight forward to you but watch out in the real exam as they could trick you into thinking they are too easy. If you want to pass the new cscs test it will require you to have a more all-round knowledge of basic health and safety, since the recent updates to the cscs test in April 2102 more and more people are finding it harder to get the required 47 out of 50 correct.
You can also take our full 50 question mock test here.

CSCS mock test questions and answers


1. Which of the following will require a PAT test in the workplace?

a. Mains powered kettle

b. Mains powered microwave

c. Battery powered radio

d. Mains powered drill


2. From which of the following animals can you contract Weils disease from?

Select two answers.

a. Horses

b. Rats

c. Dogs

d. Cows

e. Cats


3. If you contract Weils disease why do you need to inform your employer?

a. Because they will want to keep away from you

b. Because the disease is contagious

c. Because the health and safety executives need to be informed

d. Because you will need special protective equipment


4. Which of the following is the colour for the water fire extinguisher?

a. Blue

b. Black

c. Cream

d. Red


5. As a worker, you do not have the legal duty to?

a. Write your own risk assessments

b. Use all equipment safely and as instructed

c. Speak to your supervisor if you are worried about safety on the site

d. Report any equipment that is damaged or defective


6. Exit signs are one of the most important safety signs on a worksite, but what colour are they?

a. Red

b. Yellow

c. Green

d. Blue


7. Which of the following do you need to do to make sure you mask works?

a. Check it’s the correct type

b. Check you are wearing it correctly

c. Pass a face fit test wearing the mask

d. All of the above


8. You have to lift a heavy load, what must your employer do?

a. Make sure your supervisor is there to advise while you lift

b. Do a risk assessment of the task

c. Nothing, it is part of your job to lift loads

d. Watch you while you lift the load


9. You need to lift a load from the floor, how should you do this?

a. Feet together and legs straight

b. Feet slightly apart and knees bent

c. Feet together and knees bent

d. Feet wide apart and legs straight


10. How should you clean very dirty hand?

a. With soap and water

b. Thinners

c. White Spirit

d. Paraffin



1. a,b,d
2. b,d
3. c
4. d
5. a
6. c
7. d
8. b
9. b
10. a

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