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CSCS Accident Reporting Practice Exam Questions and Answers

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In this CSCS practice test, we will be focusing on accidents in the work place and how they should be reported. You should have a grasp on how to report accidents at the work site if you or any of your co-workers have an accident, most of these questions require you to have some basic knowledge of how to report an accident or what to do after one.

It is important to prepare for your cscs test with our free cscs mock exams questions. Please read the questions fully and make sure you understand the question before choosing your answer. All the answers to these cscs practice test questions will be at the bottom of this page.
Practicing online with these questions will give you a good feel of what to expect in the real cscs exam and make you more prepare with what to expect. Passing the new cscs test requires a more all-round knowledge of basic health and safety knowledge, since the recent updates to the cscs test in April 2102 more and more candidates are finding it difficult to achieve the 47 out of 50 correct answers required to pass their cscs card test.

 Basic CSCS Accident Reporting Questions


1. When must an accident be recorded in the site’s accident book?


a. Only when a person is injured and will be off work for more than 3 days

b. Only when an accident causes injury to a worker while at work

c. Only when an accident causes damage to plant or equipment

d. Only when a person breaks a major bone or is concussed


2. You have witnessed a serious accident on your work site, what should you do?


a. Tell your supervisor that you saw what happened

b. Telephone the local hospital

c. Say nothing to anyone in case you get someone into trouble

d. Ask your workmates what they think you should do


3. If you have a minor accident, who should report it?


a. Anyone who saw the accident happen

b. A sub-contractor

c. You

d. The Health and safety executive


4. An entry must be made in the accident book when?


a. An accident causes personal injury to any worker

b. The severity of the accident may result in a compensation claim

c. The person has been off sick for three days

d. Management thinks it is appropriate


5. Why should you report an accident?


a. It helps the site find out who caused it

b. It is a legal requirement

c. So that the site manager can see who is to blame

d. So that your company will be held responsible


6. You are involved in an incident on site that was dangerous but no one was hurt. Who must you report this dangerous occurrence to?


a. You site supervisor or the site manager

b. The first aider

c. The rest of the workforce

d. The client for the project


7. In an emergency an assembly point is the?


a. Place of the incident or accident

b. Specified place to gather after an evacuation

c. Welfare facilities

d. Site manager’s office


8. Who must you report a serious accident to?


a. The ambulance service

b. Your employer

c. The police service

d. Site security


9. Accidents causing any injury should always be recorded in the?


a. Main contractor’s diary

b. Accident report book

c. Sub-contractors diary

d. Site engineers day book


10. You suffer an injury at work and the details are recorded into the accident book. What must happen to this accident record?


a. It must be destroyed at the end of the job

b. It must be sent to the employer’s insurance company at the end of the job

c. It must be treated as confidential under the Data Protection Act and kept for at least 3 years

d. It must be kept in a place where anyone can read it.


1. B
2. A
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. B
10. C

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