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CSCS Cards – The License to Build

If anyone is asked to describe a modern city, the things that generally come in his mind are the skyscrapers, flyovers and other such large magnificent creations of man. The construction, if considered a business, which obviously it is, is by far the most necessary and flourishing sectors. And this is the outcome of the hard work and the brains of the numerous skilled workers applied in the constructions. For these few facts the government has introduced the Construction Skill Certification Scheme or CSCS in short for a better assessment of the professionals related to the construction business.

The CSCS scheme and it’s necessity

The Construction Skill Certification Scheme or CSCS is introduced with the sole purpose to make constructions safe, secure and foolproof as a minor mistake can result in a devastating outcome. The professionals need to appear as well as clear the online CITB Health Safety and Test. The test is followed by applying for a card in the CSCS. The card issued to the professional serves as a unique identity in the construction sector forever. The test is generally MCQ type and each worker gets a color coded card based on the marks obtained in the said examination.

The scheme is made mandatory for every professional who aims at pursuing a career in the construction sector. This little card guarantees the card holder the trust of the consumers.  Every construction should consist of delicacy and a better preplanned execution. The CSCS ensures the people who when they drive on flyovers or step into a large multiplex, that they are safe from unwelcome accidents. The card is only issued to those people who are capable of showing high professional standards in terms of work efficiency and skill.

The Health and Safety Test – The First and the Foremost

citb health and safely testTo become eligible for applying for a CSCS card, one needs to clear the CITB Health Safety and Environment Test within the previous two years of applying. The test aims at examining the knowledge of the professionals across a range of topics, to make sure better performance and productivity. The type of the card applied for decides the level of the test to be undergone by the professionals. However there are many sites online who supply the candidates with necessary guides and study materials needed to appear in the examination. The professionals, who have achieved the SVQ or NVQ and are applying for the CSCS card, are however exempted from taking the test. In a nutshell, this examination will decide whether the concerned candidate is eligible to be defined as a certified constructor.

What it’s likes being a CSCS card holder

The CSCS card means everything to a person who wants to do something big in the construction sectors. A person may be highly skilled and experienced, but without this card, all of that goes in vain. As the grain of the time suggests, nobody likes to take risks in any field of life. So, when anyone takes the responsibility of constructing anything and fails to produce the card in front of the consumer, they will be sacked then and there. So the importance of the CSCS card is clearly perceivable.