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CSCS Card Practice Test

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It is important that if you are aiming to take the cscs (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) test and gain your card that you are able to take as many CSCS card practice tests as possible. This enables you to get the feel of the types of questions you will be asked in the real exam.

The CSCS card test features a wide range of topics that you will need to answer, these are all types of questions that can relate to your health and safety at the workplace. If you have a good understanding of health and safety then that is a real advantage when answering these questions.

You will need to answer 50 multiple choice questions in which some may have more than one answer. To pass you will need to get 47 answers correct, it is important that you read the questions fully before answering them just in case. To get hold of your CSCS card you will need to site and pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment Test first.

In the mock test we have create 16 questions on a few different health and safety topics for you to answer, you will be able to find all the answers to these questions at the bottom of the page so you can check your answers afterwards We have plenty of offer mock tests on this site for you to take. Make sure you read the questions fully and if you do not know the answers try to eliminate the obvious incorrect options and use your common sense.


1. A Permit to work allows?

a. Untrained people to work without supervision.

b. Health and safety executive inspectors to visit the site.

c. The emergency services to come on to the site after an accident.

d. Certain jobs to be carried out under controlled conditions.


2. You are about to start a job. How will you know if it needs a Permit to work?

a. You do not need to know, permits to work only affect managers.

b. The health and safety executive will tell you.

c. You will be given a permit to work at the site induction.

d. You will not be allowed to start work until the permit to work has been issue.


3. Which type of accident kills most construction workers?

a. Contact with electricity.

b. Being run over by site transport.

c. Falling from a height.

d. Being hit by a falling object.


4. You can help prevent accidents by?

a. Becoming a first aider.

b. Reporting unsafe working conditions.

c. Knowing how to get help quickly.

d. Know where the first aid is kept.


5. Which of these could be confused with the early signs of Weil’s disease?

a. Diabetes.

b. Influenza.

c. Dermatitis.

d. Hay fever.


6. You find pigeon droppings and a nest in the area where you are about to start work, what should you do?

a. Let them fly away before carrying on with your work.

b. Seek advice from someone and stop working.

c. Try to catch the pigeons.

d. Carry on with your work carefully.


7. There are many kinds of dust at work. Breathing them for a long time can cause?

a. Glue ear

b. Skin Cancer

c. Occupational asthma

d. Occupational dermatitis


8. You need to move a load that is heavier on one side than the other, how should you pick this up?

a. With the heavy side on your strong arm.

b. With the heavy side towards you.

c. With the heavy side away from you.

d. With the heavy side on your weak arm.


9. You need to move a load that might be too heavy for you, what should you do?

a. Get someone to help you.

b. Use an aid, such as a trolley or wheelbarrow.

c. Divide the load into smaller loads if possible.

d. All of the above.


10. You have been shown how you should be lifting a heavy load, after some thought you think you have a better way. How should you proceed?

a. Forget your idea and do it the way you have been told.

b. Ask your workmates to decide which way you should do it.

c. Ignore what you have been told and do it your way.

d. Discuss your idea with your supervisor.


11. When you climb a ladder, you must?

a. Have two points of contact with the ladder at all times.

b. Have two people on the ladder at all times.

c. have three points of contact with the ladder at all times.

d. Use a safety harness.


12. Tools and materials can easily fall from a scaffold platform. What is the best way to protect the people below?

a. Tell them you will be working above.

b. Make sure they are wearing safety helmets.

c. Tell the people below to stop work and clear the area.

d. Use brick guards to stop any items falling below.


13. You have been given disposable ear plugs to use, but they keep falling out. What should you do?

a. Stop work until you get more suitable one and are shown how to fit them.

b. Put rolled up tissue in each ear.

c. Throw them away and work without them.

d. Put two ear plugs in each ear so they stay in place.


14. You need to wear a full body harness, you have never used one before, What should you do?

a. Try to work it out for yourself.

b. Read the instruction book.

c. Ask someone already wearing a harness to show you what to do.

d. Ask for expert advice and training.


15. If you want to be a first aider, you should?

a. Buy a book on first aid and start treating people.

b. Watch a first aider treating people then try it yourself.

c. Ask if you can do a first aider’s course.

d. Speak to your doctor about it.


16. If someone falls and is knock unconscious, what should you do?

a. Give them mouth to mouth resuscitations

b. Slap their face to wake them up.

c. Turn them over so they are lying on their back.

d. Send for medical help.

Post a comment below and let us know how you get on. Good luck everyone in gaining their CSCS Card.

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