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CSCS Card – Ensuring the Safety On Site

800px-Beam_work_(7415281734)Life of an urban citizen is a very stressful one, working from eight to six, daily for six days a week and all for fifty two weeks of the year, especially for those who work in a bit challenging environment, such as construction site and industries. Person working in such an area like construction site, glass industry and other such industries, where work is a bit risky, workers of their lives and interest. In order to protect the interest of these workers the government of United Kingdom launched CSCS, the abbreviated form of Construction Skill Certification Scheme. Many accidents occurred in past years which show the need of such scheme.

CSCS – An Introduction

Construction Skill Certification Scheme or CSCS looks after all the issues of the employees working in an environment full of risk. This scheme deals with mainly with safety and health issues. Safety matter is very much amplified for those who work in in construction site, the site engineers constructing sky scrapers and other buildings. This scheme takes additional steps to maintain safety measures for those who are registered under this scheme. It takes the responsibility to look, whether proper precaution and safety measures are applied.

The Qualifier Round

Construction Skill Certification Scheme is a very important criterion that makes it mandatory for site workers and field engineers to qualify before they enjoy the benefits of the scheme. A test is conducted qualifying in which they undergo a physical fitness test. After qualifying in the both the tests makes them eligible for the scheme and then only they are issued a CSCS card, which also proves their eligibility for working in the Construction sites and plant fields. This is basically done to streamline the entire process, to smoothly carry on the process and to look after each and every minute type matter so that it can be tackled without any obstruction.

Advantages of CSCS Card

Nothing else matters more than life and safety. Safe, sound and peaceful life without any kind of discrepancy, that’s all every fellow being need, and when the government takes the responsibility there’s no reason to get tensed. CSCS card ensures enhanced safety and security. It takes care of an individual’s interest and calibre. Its main aim is to provide full opportunity for the card holders and help them to become more confident, competent and more committed towards their job.  It also increases knowledge, attitude and other skills that are necessary for their construction occupation. For this they conduct training programs. Operators who complete the CSCS Training and Assessment Program successfully earn the CSCS Registration Card.

Some on site construction workers are required to carry out some critical tasks as suggested by The Construction Regulations and hence completion of Construction Skills Certification Scheme training is advisable as well as preferred. Successful completion of the training conducted by CSCS, the department personals issue a CSCS card to prove that the trainee have the relevant skill to work in the particular site. Work is a necessity but such allowances are must, thanks to CSCS many found their safe job option.