Help, Information, Revision and Mock Tests about the CSCS Card Test

CSCS: A certificate of your construction competency

800px-110904-F-HS721-800_(6124128171)To help those connected to the construction industry the CSCS or the Construction skills certification scheme came into force in the year 1995. The card is introduced to serve as a proof of your competencies towards the particular job. It clearly certifies your ability to perform the task in an efficient manner. More than 1.8 million people use this card in the UK. It clearly states that you are skilled and efficient enough to carry out the work safely and productively. You can meet the expected standards of the construction site.

Process of application

In order to hold a CSCS card you have to prove your abilities to the professional body and then apply for the same. The membership providing authority will analyse your abilities and experience in the field. They will also go through your qualification and then based on the analysis about your capabilities and performances decide on the type of card you are eligible to apply. The website has the complete detail of the application process. Follow the process and take the test to prove your abilities in the construction field.

To get the card, first you have to clear the CIBT Health Safety and Environment Test. There are different types of cards, for e.g., cards for the Graduate, Trainee, and Experienced, Skilled etc. Now based on your profile, select the test and apply. Initially you are expected to pay only £17.50 for the test. In order to apply the card, you can call at the number and take help from the team of experts. They will suggest you as per your experience and knowledge.

Why do you need the card?

Most constructors and clients demand to see a proof of your ability in this domain. In such a situation this card helps. CSCS card is valid for 3 to 5 years time. If you do not have a card today, it means that you lack the required competencies to work in this field. The card is a proof of your knowledge and abilities which has been certified with the help of myriad tests.

CSCS: The smart way to demonstrate your skill

It is a smart way of expressing your competencies about the job. No need to carry your certificates or experience letter. Now you can just visit a construction site with the card and demonstrate your skill and productive level.
In order to apply for the CSCS card you must

•    Express your credibility about the particular profile. You have to show that you have successfully achieved the required qualification for the job.
•    Must clear the Health Safety and Environment test
•    Have to submit the application form
•    Should pay an amount of £17.50 for the test and just £30.00 for the particular card.

Today most UK based contractors prefer CSCS card holding workers in their team. Thus, it is advised that you avail a card of certification when you have joined the industry. As a card holder you will get an edge in the market. People will soon identify you for your certificate of proof and they will depend on your performance.