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Black CSCS Card: Management

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The construction industry’s workforce is not limited to skilled workers and contractors. There will always be the need for managers who will supervise and check the work of the workers inside the construction site. There will always be someone whom workers can report to and thereafter will answer with the management regarding the progress of work and make sure everything is going according to the schedule. This person is called the manager.


The Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS makes sure it also recognises the work and effort put through by highly qualified workers. Therefore, a Black CSCS card is issued to managers who meet the criteria.

How do I qualify for a Black CSCS card?

Being a manager requires a higher level of skills and qualifications. Therefore, an applicant must:


  • Have NVQ or SVQ Level 4 or 5 or QCF level 6 or 7 in the relevant occupation.
  • Pass the Health, Safety and Environment test for Managers and Professionals.


What if I don’t have NVQ or SVQ qualification?


If you are an experienced construction site manager but you lack the required qualification, you can still apply for a Black CSCS card through the Profiled Route scheme.


The scheme is designed by the CSCS to help experienced construction site supervisors and managers to get their cards quicker and easier. Hence, there is no need to take the NVQ or SVQ qualification.


How does Profiled Route scheme work?


The employer should nominate a number of qualified managers. Thereafter, a reviewer, an individual who holds NVQ assessors qualifications and an accredited to assess construction related NVQ Level 3 or higher, will be appointed.


The candidate must be able to complete an evidence sheet or a questionnaire based on Site Management NVQ knowledge and performance evidence criteria. The CV, training qualifications, certificates and references from present and previous jobs will also be reviewed. Then the reviewer will write an observation report or professional discussion about the candidate. The application will then be audited by the CSCS.

In case the applicant is qualified, it will take 14 to 28 days before the card will be issued.

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