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Benefits of the CSCS Card

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As a worker, reviewing for tests, enrolling in training courses and paying for test and CSCS card fees can be time-consuming and costly. As much as possible, you want to work immediately in order to provide the needs of your family.


But that is not the case in the construction industry. As a matter of fact, employers are willing to wait and require the workers to go through the process in order to ensure skills, qualifications and competency. Aside from that, employers want to make sure that all their employees have adequate knowledge when it comes to health and safety issues in order to promote a safer working environment.


You may not realise but here are the benefits of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS.


How it benefits you as an employee


As an employee, the CSCS scheme allows you to prove your skills and qualifications without having to bring all the pertinent documents related to it. Keep in mind that the CSCS card is your ticket to employment. As a CSCS cardholder, your achievements, certifications and competency are confirmed, as evidenced by the card. It only shows that you possess the necessary skills needed for the job and you have adequate knowledge to carry out a safe and healthy working environment. Because you are able to pass the Health, Safety and Environment Test, it also proves you are capable of performing your job in a safe yet effective manner.


The scheme also reduced the number of cards or identifications you need to carry. Apart from your skills, the card carries with it all the relevant information needed to prove your identity.


How it benefits your employer


Time and again, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous yet important fields in the society today. Because of the risks involved, employers want to make sure that they employ only the qualified individuals. It also shows the clients that the worker’s competency is checked first before allowing someone to access the site.


Through the scheme, fake and non-cardholders are no longer allowed to access the site and on site productivity and health and safety management have improved. The scheme also introduced an efficient way of checking whether the site workers hold the right card through the availability of a database.


How it benefits the construction industry


Prior to the introduction of the scheme, there were a lot of reported accidents and fatalities in the construction site. This is because workers do not have sufficient safety and health awareness and are only after finishing the job. Since the scheme’s inception in 1995, the number of fatalities on the site has significantly reduced.


Taking and passing the test is a mandatory requirement before a worker will be issued a CSCS card. Since workers today have adequate knowledge in carrying out a safe and healthy working environment, UK now has the lowest injury rates across Europe. As a result, the public developed confidence in the quality of workmanship and attention to health and safety measures.

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